LPAPA "Outside Insights" by Kathleen Dunphy

The LPAPA Gallery is proud to present a special “Artist in Residence” solo exhibition by Signature Artist Kathleen Dunphy, June 2nd through July 4th, 2022. “Outside Insights” includes major studio paintings of Seascapes, Yosemite and Animals, along with plein air studies, sketchbook drawings, notes from her journal, and photographs of her time in the field. Learn how one artist approaches her work in this informative and engaging exhibit. . Creating a major studio painting takes more than just the desire to paint. Hours of research to find an inspiring location, time in the field to paint plein air studies, weeks of design work while the idea percolates, and days (or sometimes even months) of painting all go into creating the final product. . But so often in the art world, we only see the end result of an artist’s creation: the finished painting hanging in a beautiful frame. What goes on behind the scenes to make that painting happen? How does the artist get the idea? What happens during the planning process? Where does she even start? LPAPA Gallery 414 N. Coast Highway,Laguna Beach. Gallery hours are 11am to 5pm Thursday through Monday (available by appointment Tuesdays and Wednesdays and before or after hours by calling 949-376-3635). The gallery is open extended hours, 6pm to 9pm, for Art Walk the First Thursday of each month. Exhibition dates June 2nd - July 4, 2022. Learn more at LPAPA.org .

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