Farm & Ranch - March 2020


MARCH 2020

Wheat Board announces teleconference March meeting Telegraph staff reports Lincoln — The meeting will adjourn at 6 p.m. It will include con- Company, and a re- view of upcoming events and travel, ac- ed in Nebraska at the point of first sale. The board invests the funds

tion of the meeting. Interested individu- als may contact the NWB office for the conference line num- ber or an agenda of the meeting. Please email wheat.board@nebras- for conference call information. You

may also reach out to Executive Director, Royce Schaneman via phone at 402-560-3777 or email royce.schane- The Nebraska Wheat Board administers the check-off of 0.4% of net value of wheat market-

Nebraska Wheat Board will hold its next meet- ing via teleconference at 3 p.m. March 31. The

cording to a press release. The pub- lic is welcome to dial in for any open por-

tract discussion, a presentation by Direct Refreshments/ American Straw

in programs of inter- national and domestic market development and improvement, policy development, re- search, promotion and education.

(pulmonary artery pressure) their bulls trying to get a high-altitude PAP,” Sharon said. “The cattle have to be at high altitude for 40 to 45 days before tested.” “Even bulls tested at Laramie (Wyoming) might fail at the North Park area around Walden and Steamboat Springs,” Sharon said. “They must be tested at the altitude they will be produced.” RANCHING from Page F4

“We have found that Simmental/ Angus cross is best for us to raise at our high altitude,” Clint said. “Crossbreeding is necessary.” “Crossbreeding may produce un- even calves — up and down in size, but a live calf at a different size is better than a dead one,” Sharon said. The Harvats have many cows to calve each winter on their wintering ranch southeast of Mitchell. Clint suggests several surviv- al steps when calving in the winter.

Please see RANCHING, Page F10

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