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MARCH 2020


o 100% coverage with no member cost-sharing o No prior authorization required o Testing is covered regardless of network • Early medication refill authorization for members who are impacted by the outbreak • N o n - e m e r g e n c y transportation will be extended to all members • Ride limits for non- emergency transportation are waived • 100% coverage for all telehealth costs incurred in connection with COVID-19 testing and diagnostics We have issued communications to our members providing them with a list of resources that include the CDC, local and state departments of health, and any applicable resources on their health system’s website. We are directing our members to contact their doctor’s office, an urgent

plan. Treatment will be payable subject to the plan’s usua l deduc t i b l e, coinsurance and copay amounts.” This means that testing and interpretation of the results are no cost to Blue Cross members. Medica also announced the same thing. They are waiving all the co-pays, co- insurance, and deductibles related to the testing that was effective March 10, 2020. They also are covering virtual care or telehealth services as a way to access healthcare without leaving your home. “To increase diagnosis and fight the spread of illness, we have updated our coverage policy. These updates include services obtained 3/1/2020 or later. All updates remain in effect until further notice. • COVID-19 diagnostic test is covered as preventive care, at no cost to members Bright Health just released their communication:

care facility, or emergency department via phone before going in if they think that they may have contracted COVID-19, or to call us for help.” So you can see that health insurance companies are responding to the needs of their members and the environment that we’re in right now. We can take a deep breath, avoid panic buying, wash our hands, and do the best that we can to avoid the virus. Note for those folks watching the stock market bottom out, consider a safe, secure place to park some funds. You might want to consider fixed annuities that pay better than CD’s and are just as safe. These are similar to CD’s, your funds stay in there for a certain period with a guaranteed return. an appointment, call Rebecca Nordquist at Phares Financial at 308-532-3180 or email at For questions or

By Rebecca Nordquist, RD, MHA, CLTC

Health insurance companies are responding quickly to the Coronavirus or COVID-19 which is on everybody’s mind. As stores show empty shelves, you can be assured your health insurance will be available for you. Blue Cross Blue Shield communicated that “appropriate medically necessary diagnostic testing for COVID-19 will be paid without member cost share for all members covered under a Blue Cross medical


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