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For more than five years, Liberty Inspection was just me, my pickup truck, a ladder, and my keen eye for detail. I started out as a franchisee of a national company, just cruising around and taking pleasure in the crazy hours I was working, doing everything I possibly could to provide the highest standards of service for my clients. At the time, I wasn’t exactly the entrepreneurial expert, so the training the franchise provided was vital to my initial success.

Eventually, I made it past that first hurdle, and I was ready to expand the business. I hired my first employee just as my wife transitioned to being a stay-at-home mom. In the end, I felt I could reward her for all the work she did in the early years of the business, a positive back-and-forth that allowed us to build the life we share today. From there, I threw myself into growing the business and expanding our services, putting together a real crack team of home inspection experts, support staff, and just all-around fantastic people. It’s incredible to look back and realize just how much the entrepreneurial journey has taught me about myself.” Somebody recently asked me the single most important lesson I’ve learned from building my business from the ground up, but honestly, it’s impossible to boil it down to any one principle. It’s incredible to look back and realize just how much the entrepreneurial journey has taught me about myself. It’s become clear to me over the years that in order to run a top-performing business that truly is dedicated to creating an exemplary experience for your clients, you have to be able to look inward and understand what makes you tick on a deep level. Today, I’m thrilled about the company I’ve created and grateful for everyone who has helped me along the way, from my wife to my team to the incredible clients who have entrusted me with their inspections throughout the years. Still, though I’m happy with our current position, I know better than anyone that there’s always room to improve and to push our services and standards further than ever. I relish the opportunity.

I have to admit, I enjoyed the simplicity of those days. Despite basically working myself to the bone, everything was hunky-dory. I had no managers to answer to and no employees to lead, so I could devote myself entirely to the nitty-gritty of the inspection process. Over years and across hundreds of inspections, that laserlike focus helped me develop a knack for picking out those nasty little surprises that inexperienced inspectors often miss.

Still, as a one-man operation, income was more than a little sporadic. The rhythm between feast and famine is a classic dilemma of any new business owner, and it often takes years to overcome. I’ll be the first to admit that my wife — who worked as a pension actuary at the time — footed more than her share of our expenses.

–Chris Earley

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