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A s the weather finally starts to inch above a brutal 20 degrees, everyone takes a minute to shake off the winter frost and step outside into the sun. For me, the spring provides an opportunity to finally get out onto the golf course and play the first few holes of the season. Golf has long been one of my favorite pastimes, which makes the beginning of spring one of the most exciting moments of every year. I started golfing back in my teenage years, teaching myself the basics whenever I got a chance to make it out to the local course. After hours spent drilling form on the driving range and the putting green, I developed a working understanding of the fundamentals. But that’s not to say I was great at it. Though I played on the high school golf team, I wasn’t exactly the star performer. Still, I stuck to it. I simply enjoyed being out on the golf course and improving with every swing. After graduating high school, golf sort of slipped by the wayside in my life. My clubs went virtually untouched for 15 years. I’m not sure how it happened, to be honest, but one day later in life, I decided to drag the clubs out of storage and see if I could still hit a decent drive. Lo and behold, it was like riding a bike, and I took to it again almost immediately.

The best part of golf is that it’s all about self-evaluation. You’re constantly in your head, analyzing and tweaking every aspect of your swing. It keeps you focused on the task at hand — everything else disappears from your mind while you’re on the links. In that way, it’s similar to chiropractic work. No matter how experienced and talented you are when making adjustments or running through treatments, there is an entire world of new knowledge out there just waiting for you to explore. Every day, I strive to improve my skills so I can do right by my patients. There’s simply no way you can call yourself a skilled medical professional without staying abreast of the latest techniques and research. Since acquiring South Windsor Neck & Back, it’s been more and more difficult to make it out to the golf course, but I still ensure that I make time for the sport whenever I can. Though I think it’s vital to stay focused on your work and always be striving to increase your level of skill, we also all need to get outside and smell the roses now and then. Right now, I’m on a mission to keep the clubs out of storage as much as possible, and hopefully lower my handicap over the coming months! -Dr. Chris Colby


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