North County Water & Sports Therapy Center May 2018

10-35% of all sports-related injuries involve the ankle joint and 77-83% of those injuries are classified as a lateral ankle sprain. This incidence rate is suspected to be higher since many of these injuries go unreported. Lateral ankle sprains occur most often when the foot rolls inward, overstretching the outside of the ankle. You don’t have to be playing a sport for this happen; many people sustain injury with a misstep off a curb or uneven surface. If you have had a prior ankle sprain, you are at risk for subsequent ankle sprains, and in some people, repeated ankle sprains lead to chronic ankle instability, pain, and loss of function. Repetitive ankle sprains may lead to early onset of arthritis. REDUCE YOUR RISK OF ANKLE SPRAINS The clinical practice guidelines on lateral ankle sprains, developed by the Orthopedic Section of the American Physical Therapy Association, make the following recommendations: 1. Use external support, lace up, brace, or tape (especially athletes playing basketball and football) during sports. 2. Always take time to warm up before sport/activity including static stretching and dynamic movements. 3. Improve the ankle’s ability to dorsiflex (flexing the foot by bringing the toes up). Lack of mobility in this direction has been shown to increase risk of injury. ARE YOU AT RISK FOR A LATERAL ANKLE SPRAIN?

4. Participate in a balance and proprioceptive prevention program. This is especially important for those who have had a previous injury and did not go through formal rehabilitation. Check out the other side for ankle exercises to improve balance and proprioception. Want to have an ankle sprain prevention program designed specifically for you? Call 858-675-1133 to schedule an appointment with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy. During this appointment the therapist will assess your ankle mobility, strength, balance, and proprioception. Based on the results, an individualized program will be designed for you. A Special Discounted cash rate for this hour-long appointment is $100. This applies to a wellness/ prevention program design only.

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