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whatsoever. Neither the International Lawyers Network or its employees, nor any of the contributing law firms or their partners or employees accepts any liability for anything contained in this guide or to any reader who relies on its content. Before concrete actions or decisions are taken, the reader should seek specific legal advice. The contributing member firms of the International Lawyers Network can advise in relation to questions regarding this guide in their respective jurisdictions and look forward to assisting. Please do not, however, share any confidential information with a member firm without first contacting that firm. 1. INTRODUCTION TO REAL ESTATE IN INDIA Since the liberalization of Indian economy, the real estate sector has been gradually growing and adopting to technologies that improve the market access, efficiency, quality, and consumer experience. In the last fifteen years, post liberalization of the economy, Indian real estate business has taken an upturn and is expected to grow multifold in the next decade. The developments in real estate sector has been influenced by the all-around developments in the retail, hospitality, entertainment, education, and information technology sectors. Major factors contributing to this development are favorable demographics, increased purchasing power, existence of customer- friendly banks and housing finance companies and favorable reforms initiated by the government to attract global investors. Further, increase in the business opportunities and migration of the labor forces acting as a fuel has increased the demand for commercial and residential space.

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