Pop-A-Lock - February 2019

KEEPING UNINVITED GUESTS OUT Protecting Your Home From Burglary

While you may think that your home has adequate security measures against burglary, there are often steps you can take to make your home even more secure. Here are a few simple changes you can make to your locks, doors, and windows to deter unwanted intrusions. ADJUST LOCKS There are a few simple adjustments you can make to the locks on your front door, back door, or the door that leads from your garage into your house. If there is a mail slot or window within 40 inches of your lock, it might be smart to install a double-sided deadbolt. It can also be beneficial to install your strike plates with longer screws to hold them more securely. In any case, proper maintenance of your locks is essential to preventing deterioration. If your locks are deteriorating, you should get new ones. MOVE OBSTRUCTIONS Entrances that are concealed from neighbors and public places are more susceptible to break-ins. We recommend removing visual obstructions to these entrances if possible. If there are large trees near your first- or second-floor windows, keep them trimmed so that your windows remain visible. If landscaping is causing a visual

obstruction to any doors on your home, you should remove the obstruction or hire a landscaper to do so.

recipe title If you are interested in a more complete list of home security inspection items, visit our website and download the free security audit. We also have a number of trained professionals here at Pop-a- Lock who can give your home a proper security evaluation. IMPROVE LIGHTING All doors and windows should have some sort of lighting near them. We recommend having lights that are at least 40 watts near your doors. Keep the exterior area surrounding your windows lit at night. Keeping those areas visible will further deter intruders.


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