Sandler Training - February/March 2020


We often say that Sandler Training can serve any business — no matter the size, niche, or trajectory. Our innovative training programs can take a company to the next level. In our years in this industry, we’ve been put to the test on that score many times. Sometimes, massive national companies with global reach, like Price Associates, come to us looking for optimization. Other times, we’re challenged with leveraging the extremely niche, unique skill sets of small, local-focused companies like Udder Health, and giving them the tools they need to grow. Each category of client comes with its own assets and stumbling blocks, but there’s nothing we love more than rising to the occasion. One of our most unique clients, Catchall Environmental, falls squarely into the niche company camp. Catchall is a small, nine-person company that maintains and manages stormwater systems throughout the Seattle, Washington, area. For the last 10 years, founder Jim Winskill and his team have served as the guardians of Seattle’s water supply, capturing and removing pollutants before they can penetrate Puget Sound and local aquifers.

“There’s a great deal of regulation around keeping stormwater systems maintained to keep the pollutants that are washed down through catch basins,

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