Wake Forest Renaissance Plan - September 2017


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6.4 Streetscapes

» » REDUCE CURB CUTS . Several parcels have unnecessary curb cuts. We will work with each property owner to establish which curb cuts are absolutely necessary to maintain access to the property and which can be closed. Ideally, each property would be accessed from a side or rear street rather than from the main frontage street. This approach provides a safer environment for pedestrians, as cars are crossing the sidewalk in fewer locations.

Although we have completed some streetscape improvements in the historic core area in recent years, there are a number of additional phases that would build on the work that has been done and create a much more walkable environment. 6.4.1 Brooks Street & Roosevelt Avenue There are a few common improvements that we need to focus on throughout the Renaissance Area, which are illustrated in the following detailed recommendations for improving Brooks Street and Roosevelt Avenue:

RECOMMENDATION 6E: Continue to complete streetscape improvements throughout the Renaissance Area prioritizing those that improve safety.

S S Tactical crosswalk improvement – Detroit, MI

S S Three curb cuts to the same parcel within a few feet of each other on Wait Avenue

S S Permanent crosswalk enhancement – Charlotte, NC

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