Wake Forest Renaissance Plan - September 2017


C h a p t e r 9 P u t P eop l e F i r s t

9.1.4 White Street Loading Zone

Lots of placemaking potential exists in front of the very active White Street Brewing Company. Currently, there is an underutilized and unwanted loading zone, which creates a dead zone (a lack of activity) on the street. This space could be utilized to activate the street and sidewalk in front of the brewery by installing a parklet. A parklet is a low cost, temporary outdoor public space with seating that would take the place of the loading zone space and is protected from vehicular traffic. If successful, this parklet could be upgraded and enhanced to be permanent. Parklets, especially those located near restaurant-type uses, have been extremely successful at bringing an energy and liveliness to many urban areas.

S S Existing loading zone in front of White Street Brewing

RECOMMENDATION 9C: Install a temporary parklet in the loading zone; upon evaluation of its success, consider enhanced permanent features for the space.

S S Proposed parklet in the loading zone in front of White Street Brewing and Shorty’s

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