Wake Forest Renaissance Plan - September 2017


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11.4 Implementation Matrix

In order for the vision and recommendations to be achieved that are expressed in the Renaissance Plan Update, specific action items will need to be implemented by the Town of Wake Forest. Many of the action items seek to provide the conditions under which the vision can be achieved, by way of providing sensible land use regulation, necessary public investments, the development of appropriate programs and policies, encouraging catalyst projects and other actions.


Level of Public Funding Required (Order of Magnitude $ – $$$$)

Operating or Capital Expenditure (City)

Private or Non-City Expenditure

Code Change Only


[O+C] [Private]



Time frame for Implementation [1–5] [6–10] [11–15] [16–20] or Ongoing

The action items in the matrix relate to the recommendations found throughout the document. The funding is listed as an order of magnitude as way to evaluate the relative costs of one action over another. As a means of attempting to quantify these relative costs over the twenty year period, the table below summarizes an estimated range of cost values that may be used.

Order of Magnitude

Estimated Cost Range


$1 – $50,000


$50,000 – $250,000 $250,000 – $1 million



$1 million+

The execution of the implementation steps will likely be phased and is subject to a variety of factors, which determine their timing. These include:

»» The availability of personnel and financial resources necessary to implement specific proposals; »» Whether an implementation step is a necessary precursor to or component of the rational evaluation of a new development project; »» The interdependence of the various implementation tasks, in particular, the degree to which implementing one item is dependent upon the successful completion of another item; and, »» The relative severity of the challenge which a particular implementation task is designed to remedy. In view of these factors, it is not possible to put forward a precise timetable for the various implementation items. The priority for implementation will be listed by the period in which items should be completed. Year 1–5 items and certain ongoing items are the highest priority while Year 16–20+ projects could be completed as resources allow.

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