Wake Forest Renaissance Plan - September 2017


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2.2 Implementation & Management Issues Implementation of design features and management of the spaces and activities in a downtown contribute directly to the overall success of the place. Some keys include: Quality & Diversity of Public Space Public space is a top requested element in downtowns. It is not enough to simply have one park or civic gathering space. Spaces of varying sizes programmed for a diversity of events are necessary for overall event success and energy. Keys to Parking The key to parking in a downtown environment is that location needs to be considered over quantity. It is all about management. Parking problems are a good thing and mean that people are spending time and money in your downtown. This is an issue that needs to be re-evaluated every three to four years. Active Ground Floor Uses Being a pedestrian is about two things...the journey and the destination. Activating the ground floor of buildings in your downtown is something that can be incorporated into the code. Humans innately have a sense of unease that can be triggered when passing a dead space or boarded-up facade and often prevents us from continuing the journey. Ambient Illumination Lighting in a downtown is about both safety and interest. There are different zones of lighting: the lighting of storefronts, lighting of the general pedestrian pathway, and street lighting. Hours of Operation Twenty-five percent of retail sales occur after 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The coordination of store hours ensures a more predictable environment for potential shoppers. The object is to create an environment about selling things where people already want to spend time. Clustering Restaurants are key to creating destination downtowns. But, rather than being separated and isolated, clustering these types of uses is much more effective and provides options, variety and diversity to visitors.

S S Layering of signage

S S Quality and diversity of public space

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