Focus Level 4 Teacher's Book Unit 1

Education • phrasal verbs • collocations • personality adjectives I can talk about education and kinds of student 1.1 Vocabulary

Do your best 1 one If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. U N I T L A N G U A G E A N D S K I L L S Vocabulary: • Show what you know – verb-noun collocations • phrasal verbs – education • collocations • synonyms – personality adjectives • word families – verbs ending in -ise • collocations • Word in focus – do

Exercise 1 drop a course / drop a subject fail an exam / fail a subject / fail a course pass an exam pursue a career skip an exam / skip a lesson / skip a subject study a subject take a course / take an exam / take a lesson / take a subject

SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW 1 In pairs, make as many verb-noun collocations as you can in sixty seconds. Write them in your notebooks. a career a course an exam a lesson a subject university attend a course / attend a lesson / attend university 2 In your notebook, write three questions with different collocations from Exercise 1. Then ask your partner. Which university would you most like to attend? Why? 3 Look at the photos and read about four kinds of student. Which one describes you best? Compare with a partner. verbs nouns attend drop fail pass pursue skip study take +

Derek Bok

You’re very well-organised and you usually remember to bring the right books to your

You’re gregarious and fun to be with. You sometimes get into trouble in

Grammar: • present and past habits • verb patterns

Listening: • people talking about memory • matching

lessons. You want to do well and you try not to fall behind with your homework. You’re studious, and eager to learn. You get good marks because you pay attention in class. You’re an enthusiastic learner.

class because you can’t stop talking. You particularly like interaction with other people at school. You have a gift for languages and you enjoy taking part in interactive activities. You’re a team-player and a communicator.

Reading: • an article about experiments in education • gapped text

Speaking: • describing and speculating about a photo

Writing: • a formal email

Use of English: • Language in Focus – -ing forms • word building

You’re a popular member of the class with a good circle of

You’re lucky – you’re naturally bright. You’re curious about the world, and you soak up knowledge like


friends. You particularly

• Grammar Focus Reference and Practice pp. 130–131 • Word Store 1 Reference p. 144

enjoy teamwork and learning in an active way. However, you’d prefer to be outside on the sports field than in the classroom. You’re competitive and single-minded, but you’re also a cooperative learner who likes motivating other people. WORKBOOK pp. 20–21, including Show What You’ve Learnt

a sponge. You have a thirst for knowledge, and you excel at subjects that many other students struggle with, such as Maths and Sciences. You’re a deep thinker and an analytic learner. NEXT CLASS • Ask students to prepare for a 10–15-minute vocabulary quiz: Testing Programme, Unit 1.1, Vocabulary.


EXTRA ACTIVITIES • Photocopiable Resource 1 (education and character – 10 min.) pp. 211, 230 • Test Yourself Pairwork Activity, WB pp. 143–144

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