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Noise certification testing at Hawkesbury Airport

Noise certification testing will begin for the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X on August 3 and last until August 21 at Hawkesbury Airport, the home-base of Montreal Soaring Council. The noise certification requirements require three flight profiles: flyover, takeoff (altitude varies) and approach (altitude va- ries).The flyovers are done at approximately 500 feet and at moderately high speed. The takeoffs require the helicopter to approach the field low and then at a predetermined point will initiate amaximumperformance climb. For the approach profile, this requires the helicopter to start high and descend along a predetermined glide slope and will end the profile at low altitude. The flight profiles are flown over an array of three microphones. Each of these flight profiles require multiple passes to achieve the cer- tification requirements. The flight profiles will be flown east-to-west and west-to-east at the Hawkesbury airfield.

Bell Helicopter has selectedHawkesbury Airport because of its remoteness to other noise sources, such as highways and indus- tries, which makes it the ideal location for noise certification testing, while also having a relatively close proximity to Bell Helicop- ter’s facility in Mirabel, QC. The Montreal Soaring Council is one of the larger gliding clubs in Canada and has flown since 1957 from its home base airfield near Hawkesbury. The gliding club counts about 75 active members and operates almost daily from May through October. Montreal Soaring Council is a non-profit or- ganization and provides initial and advanced glider pilot training for its members as well as introductory flights to anyone interested to experience the thrills of motorless flight. The Bell 505 Jet Ranger X is Bell Heli- copter’s new five-seat aircraft designed for safety, efficiency and reliability through the use of advanced technology.

The Bell 505 Jet Ranger X is Bell Helicopter’s newfive-seat aircraft designed for safety, efficiency and reliability through the use of advanced technology.

There is lots going on at the library this summer Neighbourhood libraries have all kinds of things going on this summer. From stargazing to computer courses and museum passes, the library is the place to go. The Vankleek Hill public library has a litany of events going on throughout the summer. Different arts & crafts and workshops are available throughout, along with a teen screen movie night and kids movie matinee. Different reading clubs and the stargazing club also gather in the summer months. In Hawkesbury, the public library offers computer courses, family museum passes, early literary workstations, family museum passes, book clubs, and kids reading clubs are just some of what is going on this summer. At the public library in Alfred, museum passes are also available, along with a list of DVD’s and CD’s as well as books to borrow. Computer workstations are also accessible. More information on what is going on in local libraries can be found on their websites. ~ Diane Hunter

What a view!

for the Bank of Upper Canada. In 1856, St. John’s Anglican Church was constructed on land owned by Higginson, just next to the tower. Before then, Higginson was involved in a Sunday school that served the town. Higginson contributed to the weekly news publication, The Economist, and was foun- der of the Mechanic’s Institute in Vankleek Hill, to which he was the first president. In 1866, the Prescott Militia gathered at the Higginson’s residence in a call to de- fend against the Fenian Raid. It has been suggested that the tower may have had a defensive role during these raids, as it was later called the look-out tower. Phil Arber, owner of


There is plenty of history to be told about the Higginson Tower in VankleekHill. Once a windmill, then an observatory, and then a public landmark, the tower is a testament to times past. The Higginson Tower was created to be a windmill by Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Higginson in 1830. He created the mill to grind wheat and corn, in order to further the commercial development of the area. The windmill failed due to lack of sufficient wind. It was then transformed into a private observatory, the first in Eastern Ontario. By the early 1900’s,

Excellent Events, dona- ted the ruins, and part of the property around the tower. Along with funds raised from the Champlain Township, and the Higginson Tower Committee, grants were received from the Ontario TrilliumFoundation, the Prescott-Russell Com- munity Development Corporation, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, and Food and Rural Af- fairs to restore the tower. Services and reduced prices were also donated

most of the original structure had been destroyed. A dedicated group of citizens orga- nized a committee to rebuild the landmark. After some donations, hard work, plenty of vo- lunteers, and generous community support, the tower opened up to the public in 2006 offering a stunning view of the surrounding area from52 feet up, as well as some interesting facts about local history.

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The view from the top of the Higginson Tower is breathtaking

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by local architectural design services, legal services, tree removal, and contractors. The tower is now in care of the Champlain Township. It is open to the public during the summer months fromWednesday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. A bilingual interpretive programoffers visitors a glimp- se of history and steps winding up to the top. Displays of artefacts found during an archeological investigation are on display. Just a stone’s throw away, the Arbor Gallery is host tomany art exhibits, and shows.The building that houses the Arbor Gallery is the original home of WilliamHigginson, the son of Thomas Higginson. The Higginson Tower is located at 5843 Church Street, Vankleek Hill.

Higginson emigrated to Canada from County Antrim in Ireland. He left for Canada in 1819, settling in Vankleek Hill in 1829. Named after Steven Van Kleeck who settled in Vankleek Hill around 1797, this agricul- tural based community became a thriving town in the 1890’s. Higginson contributed to the spiritual, educational, and social aspects of Vankleek Hill during the development of the commu- nity. Higginson was the second postmaster of Vankleek Hill, and was one of the first to represent the district of West Hawkesbury in 1944, on the newly established council. Higginson was also the superintendent of schools for Prescott and Russell and agent

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