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for the HoReCa Industry DiUse © : CapDI © Tunable softening for higher quality water and beverages in the Hotel/Restaurant/Café and coffee industries

Did you know that coffee is made up of about 98% WATER? “In the coffee business, water can be our best ally or our worst enemy. Water can add to, or subtract from, the quality of a cup of well-prepared coffee. It is also important to acknowledge the impact water can have on the performance and longevity of brewing equipment.” - David Beeman, 2011. After much research and many studies, it is known that coffee has the best flavor from water with a controlled range of minerals. Depending on the coffee type and its origin, that mineral range varies by water source. Voltea’s DiUse Systems, run with our patented CapDI technology, tunably remove salt and other minerals from water, allowing your coffee, cappuccino and espresso to taste their absolute best, no matter where in the world you are located. CapDI is the perfect tunable purification solution for attaining that perfect cup of coffee, every time! The below graph, courtesy of the Specialty Coffee Association, is a great water quality tool; it shows general and carbonate hardness levels in water and how they impact the flavor of brewed coffee.

How does CapDI work? Water flows between electrodes in a two-step process. Electrode surfaces are separated from the water by membranes that selectively allow positive or negative ions (salt/hardness) to pass. Purification : Saline water passes between oppositely charged electrodes, which electrostatically remove dissolved ions, leaving pure water flowing out of the cell. What is DiUse © ? DiUse is a miniaturized version of our industrial and commercial CapDI Systems, specifically made for point- of-use (PoU) applications. DiUse purifies brackish water sources such as municipal, tap and fresh water for commercial businesses at an advantage to traditional desalination technologies due to it being a salt-free, chemical-free, tunable alternative . DiUse is taking the HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe) and coffee industries by storm! Our DiUse System is coupled with our CapDI DiUse Module. This product is Listed by UL; representative samples of this product have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable safety standards.

Water Hardness Levels With Coffee Flavor Characteristics

Heavy Dull Sour

Heavy Flat Chalky

Regeneration : Feed water flushes through the cell at a lower flow rate, while electrode polarity is reversed. Ions are rejected from the electrode surface, concentrated in the flow channel, and flushed from the cell.



Ideal Brew Zone


Acceptable Brew Zone


Empty Sharp Sour

Empty Flat Chalky

DiUse Module Outer

DiUse Module Inner





Carbonate Hardness (KH, [HCO 3

- ] in ppm)


CapDI is paving the way for responsible water treatment!

There are many other applications that our DiUse Systems can benefit and allow product differentiation! Spot-free rinse for dishwashers, car washes and other valuable equipment is essential for longevity and functionality in any industry. Here are some examples of industries and applications DiUse serves:

Benefits of DiUse: • No harsh chemicals! • Reduced service costs

• Reduced filter replacement costs • Consistent product pour after pour • No more running water purification filters past their service life • Reduced downtime for descaling of coffee machines, ice machines and dishwashers DiUse Front View

Hotel/Restaurant/Café: - Coffee machines

- PoU soda fountain machines

Craft Beer/Breweries:

- Tunable water purification - Controlled water quality - Product differentiation


- Dishwashing machines - Clothes washing machines - High-quality drinking water

Commercial & Industrial:

- Grocery store misters - Mist cooling systems - Small boiler feed

Spot-Free Rinse:

- Dishwashers - Solar panels - Vehicles

Meet Erhan Dizbay, our favorite champion barista! According to Mr. Dizbay, “Most consumers don’t realize the importance of high-quality water in coffee beverages.”

He continued, “When about 98% of a cup of coffee is water, it only makes sense that a controlled, consistent salt removal technology is used where you can tunably choose the desired mineral level, without having to add other salts back to the water. CapDI does exactly this function!” You will find Mr. Dizbay at global trade shows and events serving coffee beverages using our CapDI technology! www.erhandizbay.com

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