NTA Sample

Issue No. 12

We feel particularly good about this issue, for no easily definable reason — other than that the contents as a whole correspond to what we had in mind when putting together number one. You will notice our enthusiasm for the first and ninth stories on page one. One will make you think about the current torment over sexual harassment from a vantage other than the daily headlines about one man or another being brought to shame. The other is to us the remarkable account of a young American woman coming to a new consciousness about her own country and the rest of the world. Both have importantly to do with the subject of change, which we have claimed as our own principal interest. And which has equally claimed us as well. Triumph and tragedy both have their place in our table of contents, which is perhaps as it should be. We again call your attention to page three, where the editors go to have a little fun — of which there can never be too much. This number is the last of our first year, and thus requires some recognition for our having gotten this far, if not yet far enough. So too do our readers for making room for us in a world made far too busy by everything else. We don’t yet feel we have hit our stride but neither do we feel we’ve gone too wrong. Don West for New Times Always!

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