2017 Fall

they preserve a passageway through the coach so that everything (bedroom and bathroom) are still accessed while in transit or at a quick lunch stop. The HVAC system in this Tiffin is designed to provide comfort in any weather—quietly. It features two low- profile roof mounted A/C units that work with a 15,000 Btu heat pump. Heating and cooling are diffused through a series of directional ceiling vents. Along with thick windows, ample insulation, heated tanks, and heavy duty electrical, the Tiffin Red is four-season capable. Storage inside the Red is designed into every available space to carry everything from soup to nuts. But under the bus, you’ll find another 119 cubic-feet of basement storage. These spaces are accessed through several latched doors all along the body of the coach. A standard 8.0 KW Onan generator provides power when you’re not plugged into power. It’s diesel and draws off the coach tanks—so it could run for hundreds of hours, if needed. If you do find yourself boondocking with the Red, you’ll relax knowing that you also carry 90 gallons of freshwater and 24 gallons of propane. Many owners of Class A’s opt to take a car along on longer trips. Here again, the Freightliner chassis and Cummins/ Allison powertrain combine to offer up a 10,000-lb tow rating. More than enough capacity, even for a large tow- behind. A purchase aspect of higher-end coaches, I should mention, is their ability to be personalized. It follows

that the more money you spend, the more inside perks you can afford. Tiffin caters to this want with a list of optional interior appointments that I couldn’t even start to list—there are just too many. But often, buyers want something that is unique—on the outside. To scratch this itch, Tiffin offers six unique exterior paint schemes. This is full-body paint, not decals. They use premium-grade paints and seal them with four layers of superclear coat for ultraviolet protection. They then add an additional layer of scratch-resistant plastic coating, which protects the front of the coach, stairwell, and entry door lock. While only a small group of RVers will ever own a Class A coach of this caliber, it’s fascinating to see how all these components can be combined to create not only an opulent coach but one that drives better than most passenger sedans. Frankly, this was one unit I had a hard time returning. If you’re in the market, you’ll want to experience the Tiffin Allegro Red for yourself.


DRY WEIGHT: 11,530 pounds CHASSIS: Freightliner ENGINE: Cummins 6.7L turbodiesel TRANSMISSION: Allison 6-speed automatic

LENGTH: 39’ 2” HEIGHT: 12’ 10” (with roof A/C) WIDTH: 101 inches FRESH WATER: 90 gallons BLACK WATER: 50 gallons GRAY WATER: 70 gallons LP GAS: 24 gallons

WHEELBASE: 252” GVWR: 32,000 lb GCWR: 42,000 lb




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