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Values Born From Purpose

insurance benefits and the life-changing impact of coverage and planning — or lack thereof.This changed our mindset forever. As we grew and added to our team, we found it necessary to share this purpose with our employees and clients through a strong set of core values so that anyone joining our staff and working with Agent Link would buy into them. It’s led us to 10 core values that define our company: All of our employees have a copy of these values. Knowing our values allows us to be led by them, and that builds a culture that attracts like-minded individuals. Of course, it’s not enough to have these written down — your team has to follow through on them every day.

To begin attracting younger agents, to start with, you need to have a defined culture in place. Why? Because culture is something younger generations value.Think of companies like Zappos — they sell shoes, but they do it with a well-defined culture that their methodical hiring process recruits for.Their retention strategy is working. The company averaged less than 20 percent attrition over a seven year period. If you haven’t defined your core values, it’s time to start doing so. At Agent Link, our purpose of empowering people is inextricably tied to a personal tragedy that happened about 10 years ago. Despite being familiar with insurance products and financial planning, it was only after being faced with tremendous grief following a catastrophic family event that we finally realized the true power of • We empower people. • We deliver what we promise. • We connect with people who like to help others. • We innovate and improve. • We believe in people and their potential.

If someone in our industry were to ask you why you do what you do, what would you tell them? If you struggled to come up with a definitive answer, it’s time to reevaluate what’s at the core of your business. Remember, you have the ability to change lives for the better! That’s an incredible capacity, and a big responsibility to fulfill the need for quality producers. By capturing producers who activate and deliver goods and services of value to consumers, you are delivering value to people, so you better know yours. People, by and large, want to succeed and be prosperous, and the key to prosperity is value. How are you adding value to the industry? As you set your core values in place, these questions should be at the forefront of your conversations. Why are defined values and culture so important in our industry? Consider this — we recently conducted research on over 100,000 licensed agents in the market. You probably won’t find our discoveries very surprising. Our research showed that the majority of producers in our industry are part of an aging demographic. Our best producers are getting closer to retirement, and attracting younger agents will require updating your recruitment strategies.

-Senia & Stu

AGENT LINK’S PURPOSE: To empower those who change lives for the better

• We practice open communication. • We do the right thing. • We have a can-do attitude and a positive mindset. • We believe in positive change through accountability. • We demonstrate a great work ethic.

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