DLJ Wealth & Tax Services - January 2020


A New Definition I n order to pay for college, my dad taught me investing. He was an accountant and more than qualified to teach me about wealth management. But despite having an accountant father and a knowledge of investing, I did not want finance to be my future career. It seemed boring and mundane to me. Instead, I wanted to pursue

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landscape and teaching them how they can thrive. Over the last two decades, my career growth has followed a simple rule: Is this the best way to serve my clients?

I incorporated tax planning and tax minimization strategies based on this question. When I saw how much money you could save people with tax planning, and the difference between short-term tax planning and long-term planning, I was blown away. No one has control over the market’s direction, but we have control over how we legally manage our tax obligations. I thought that was so cool. My life has been something of a dictionary — a collection of new definitions. I have been a market researcher, graphic designer, City Alderman, financial advisor at large and small firms, marketing consultant, owner of a health data technology company, tax preparer and now a financial advisor who helps individuals and small business owners grow their wealth with investment strategies that incorporate cash flow management, tax

“My life has been something of a dictionary — a collection of new definitions.”

something more subjective, so I chose to be a graphic designer. Unfortunately, shortly after I graduated, the whole industry moved from doing things by hand to using computers. The whole process changed, and I become a dinosaur in my field at the age of 24.

Now what was I going to do? I wanted to work, and I wanted my three children to know you can always reinvent yourself at any age. So fortunately through a “temp” service, I landed a part-time job at Merrill Lynch as a receptionist. On my first day at the job, the office administrator left without notice and they asked if I would handle her tasks. To their surprise, I was able handle both jobs efficiently and they extended two offers to me — one to continue in the role I had assumed or another to become a financial advisor. After talking with one of the partners, I eventually selected the latter position. (Thank you Dad for all the accounting and investing lectures!) When I started my career as a financial consultant at Merrill Lynch, I arrived to see the dot-com bubble grow and then burst. It was a jarring experience that left me frustrated by my industry. Charles Merrill had wanted to bring Wall Street to Main Street, but it was clear by how companies like Merrill Lynch treated their clients during the dot-com bubble burst that they were ready to abandon Main Street altogether. I’m a big believer in the middle class, and I’ve built my career by supporting entrepreneurs. There’s a big difference in the playing field for the big guys versus the playing field for the little guys. I take great pride in helping my clients understand the financial

minimization, and other services based on their lifestyle goals. Each new stage of my life has come with new definitions, and today I find myself still searching for new definitions. Almost a year ago, I founded DLJ Wealth & Tax Services to bring together my expertise and passion to serve people. This has been a hectic time in my life, as I opened two offices in two different time zones. All the while, I have had the pleasure to work closer with my amazing clients, both those who have been with me for years and those who I’ve only just met. I want to express my sincere thanks to the individuals and business owners who have supported me as DLJ Wealth & Tax Services gets moving. I feel so blessed to have you as part of my circle. We’re really picking up momentum to get the snowball rolling; the trick is to make sure we’re rolling in the right direction. Establishing a new definition puts us on that path, so don’t be surprised if you hear me asking for feedback. As I said, my career has grown based on the best way to serve my clients. That hasn’t changed. Your opinion matters to me.

I’ve very excited for what this year will bring to our new organization and look forward to this year, and many more, with all of you.




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