MIYC Anchor Lines June:July 2017

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Marco Island Yacht Club

Bob Aylwin - Manager/Executive Chef

Ahoy Members of MIYC! The uptick in reciprocal business here at the Club can mean only one thing- Summer has officially begun. I often spend time in these Anchorlines’ columns soliciting essential Member input. I believe that the very first step in successful facility management is reaching out to Membership and asking for their valuable opinions. I want your opinions on things like overall satisfaction with food and beverage, ideas for Club improvement and shared thoughts on new and exciting culinary ideas are equally high in importance when setting sail for our ultimate goal of a satisfying “Member Experience”. With that in mind, I want to remind everyone that as the summer sets in and we find ourselves with a little more time on our hands, it becomes the perfect time for my Staff and I to create special experiences for you and your guests. By now, most of you are well aware that it is my pleasure to prepare special items (food or drink) on any given day or evening. We want you to feel special and appreciated at your Club. Do you have a hankering for sweetbreads? Tuscany Stuffed Pork Chops? Baby Back Ribs? Or maybe you have a family recipe you would like to share with your family and friends one evening. Just let me know. It will be our culinary pleasure to accommodate. Just drop me a line via email or stop by your Clubhouse and let us know! Our May “International Wine and Dine Evening” on May 20th was a smashing success. Each Member was given a “wine and dine” passport and leisurely traveled around the Harbour Room sampling wines and cuisines from around the world. Not only that, but stops in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa found

Members enjoying meeting Staff members from our culinary team as well as sharing conversation with other Members, old and new. It was such a wonderful evening! Keep an eye on future e-blasts starting in Sep t embe r because we cannot wait to do this evening again somewhere in October.

Bob Aylwin Manager/Executive Chef

Our new “Book Club” luncheon was also well received as several Members took part in reading “Hillbilly Elegy – A Memoir of a Family in Crisis”. Members came together to discuss the book and enjoy a luncheon based around the cuisine found throughout the story. An Appalachian Blackberry Moonshine Cocktail was served to start the discussion/ luncheon and everyone had a great time after that. Hmmmm. Blackberry Moonshine? Great Food? Great time? Sign me up for the new Book Club ASAP. Here at the Club we continue to find ways to enhance your Membership experience. We love sharing ideas and even bringing some of them to life. Thanks to everyone who contributes to this most worthwhile goal. Please remember to make your reservations early during the summer months. It really helps with staffing and restaurant planning. See you at your Club, Chef Bob

MIYC’s New Luncheon Days and Hours Seasonal change, as fewer Members are on the Island… For the remainder of the season, we will no longer serve lunch on Wednesdays. You will be able to come for lunch Thursday and Friday , eating in the Dockside Lounge or on the Burgee Bar from noon to 2pm.

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