people who went, ‘This really is our show. This is doing something for us and we’re empowered by it.’” Bierman was traveling through Gatwick Airport when he had the spark of an idea. “There was a mural of the Queen and it was made up of lots of little photos of the Queen. I took a photo of it and I sent it to Doug Kerr, a brilliant designer who does all of my artwork.” Bierman felt that Prima Facie ’s story belonged to the people who embraced the show, so he asked the people who had shared their stories to submit their photographs; within three days photos and testimonies flooded in. Doug Kerr compiled over 1,000 photos to create Prima Faces , a special piece of art on display at the theatre, at locations around New York, and online. The piece is a merging of the play and the community of voices saying in solidar- ity, “On the face of it something has to change.” For tickets primafacieplay.com * Iris Wiener is a professional entertainment writer, reporter, and theater critic. Her work as an interviewer and reviewer has been featured in more than fifteen publications, including Playbill , Newsday , TheaterMania , and OK! magazine.


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