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Trillium Architects Trillium Architects has been actively designing sustainable and energy- efficient, custom homes since 2004. Now a

Clients come to Trillium for 3 reasons: They want a house that performs like a luxury EV. Did you know that you can live in an all-electric house that costs $18 per month to heat, cool, and operate? Trillium’s homes – whether they are 2,000 sf or 10,000 sf- are built to meet this goal. They want a house that is safe for their family. There are so many toxins and allergens in our world these days. From building materials to indoor air and water quality, Trillium’s homes are designed to be healthy and free of red-list items, allowing you to breathe easy knowing that your family will be well. They want to help combat climate change. Many of our clients care deeply about the environ- ment. Sustainable building materials and methods produce houses that have very small carbon footprints. Imagine if every home were a Trillium Home. Sophisticated to the eye, thoughtful to the user, and meticulously detailed, Trillium Architects homes are Sustainable Luxury Defined. trilliumarchitects.com

leader in the industry, this boutique firm of a dozen architects produces cutting-edge, bespoke residences throughout Fairfield, Litchfield, and Westchester Counties.


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