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God’s Love We Deliver

G od’s Love We Deliver was founded in 1985 at the height of a health crisis. The AIDS crisis forever changed the fabric of NYC, and many of our cli- ents were living alone, facing stigma, illness, and hunger. In those early years, when many turned away, we brought food, love, and care to our friends who were dying of this illness. Today, God’s Love serves individuals with more than 200 diagnoses, while providing the same essential food, love, and care to our clients. This year, we will cook home-deliver more than 3.4 million medically tailored meals to nearly 11,000 individuals in the NYC metropolitan area – including West- chester, Suffolk, and Nassau Counties. It is the caring sup- port of 14,000 volunteers who help make every meal and delivery possible. For nearly 40 years, we have served New Yorkers who are liv-

ing with serious or chronic ill- ness. We provide life-affirming meals and nutritional therapy to help our clients stay strong and face their treatments. Many of the people who rely on us for food spend much of their time alone at home. Our daily meals are a reminder that their neigh- bors care. God’s Love We Deliver is unique. For anyone in need of delicious, nutritious, home-de- livered meals, God’s Love is the only game in town. In our near

If you’re looking to get involved with God’s Love We Deliver, we hope you’ll do one, two, or all of these three actions: 1) VOLUNTEER! From kitchen to delivery and everything in between, there’s meaningful work for everyone. 2) DONATE! When you donate, you do so with the satisfaction of knowing that your donation is going directly to helping a neighbor living with illness get the nourishing meals they so urgently need.

40-year history, we have remained committed to our core val- ues: we will never charge a sick client or their family for meals, we will never have a waiting list, and we will deliver a meal on the next delivery day after first contact. We believe that food is love, and we know that food is medi- cine. Our meals are designed by on-staff registered dietitian nu- tritionists to keep our clients strong, comfortable, and more in control of their lives. Studies have shown that medically tailored meals (MTM) reduce in-patient admissions by 50%, enabling people to remain in their own homes. Recipients of MTM ex- perience better mental health, lessened food insecurity, and dra- matically reduced medical costs. Ours is an intervention that improves the lives of recipients and reduces the strain on the healthcare system.

3) BECOME OR REFER A CLIENT! If you or someone you love in the NYC metropolitan area – a neighbor, a friend, a colleague, a family member – is living with a life-altering illness and is in need of our home-delivered, medically tailored meals, please reach out. We are here to help. If you’re looking for a fun way to get involved, we hope you’ll consider joining us at our annual soirée in the Hamptons – Midsummer Night Drinks – on July 29th or our inaugural God’s Love Open: A Golf, Tennis, and Pickleball event on August 14th at the Westchester Country Club.Learn more at glwd.org *


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