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Orora Skin Science

ORORA SKIN SCIENCE is changing the face of collagen treatment with a unique 100 % vegan, GMO-free certified, bioidentical human collagen skincare line. Orora’s Bioactive Collagen System is a serum and cream combination that offers highly effective anti-aging benefits backed by biotechnology and clinically certified, award-winning results. The key anti-aging ingredient that powers Orora’s Bioactive Collagen System is HumaColl21-the world’s first 100% vegan, bioidentical human collagen type 21. HumaColl21 was developed and produced by the world- renowned biotech firm Geltor for the purpose of creating a more sustainable solution to traditional collagen production methods. Unlike current forms of collagen that come from ground- up body parts of chicken, pig, cow, or fish, HumaColl21 is grown through a plant-based bacterial fermentation process specifically designed to match the exact structure and function of human collagen type 21. When we say 100% bio-identical, we mean that the human body recognizes HumaColl21 as a peptide native to our own bodies and thus 100% bio-compatible. Skin cells absorb HumaColl21, recognize it as native type 21 collagen, and start producing new structural collagen at any age. The result – increased skin firmness, elasticity, and collagen levels in as little as 2 weeks while decreasing wrinkle size and reducing redness. Discover a new realm of radiance with Orora Skin Science. ororaskin.com Bioactive Collagen Serum Working at a cellular level, the bioactive collagen serum immediately improves the skin’s hydration levels resulting in a visibly smoother, plumper appearance. It stimulates the skin’s natural regenerative mechanisms; encouraging the formation of new collagen and elastin for firmer and more supple skin that radiates from the inside out. Bioactive Collagen Cream Nourishing powers of bioactive collagen cream target dry and irritated skin, enabling water retention at a cellular level. Leaving skin that glows with an aura of good health from the very 1st application. By infusing every cell with nourishment, the skin’s radiance is visible outside, and revitalization is felt inside.


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