CONNECTICUT COLLEGE PRE-COLLEGE PROGRAM New London, CT Connecticut College is inviting curious, creative, insightful and innovative high school students to explore their passions, collaborate with faculty and current students, and get an early feel for the college experience with Summer@Conn pre-college programs. The College is launching resi- dential pre-college programs for rising 9th-12th grade students in- terested in entrepreneurship, dance, global issues or environmental action. Each immersive program is taught by experienced faculty and staff, and participants will live and learn on campus with current Con- necticut College students who serve as counselors. Designed to introduce partici- pants to Conn’s innovative, integra- tive and solution-oriented approach to teaching and learning, the pro- grams will empower students with the skills they need to turn their new knowledge into action in their com- munities. Students will also sample a variety of skill-building electives, such as college essay writing, inter- view preparation and journaling workshops, as well as recreational activities, including tennis, swim- ming, kayaking and bowling. Two programs, Venture Incuba- tor and Dance Intensive with David Dorfman Dance, will be offered July 5-14. Venture Incubator partici- pants will gain a greater under- standing of entrepreneurship, build new practical skills in critical think- ing, develop a business concept, and

engage across cultural and national boundaries. Students will explore topics related to global governance, migration, human rights and the role of media and public opinion in policy mak- ing. E.A.R.T.H. participants will study the past, present and future of climate change, including historical global circulation patterns, local geological evidence and renewable energy sci- ence, and learn how to advocate for solutions. Applications are now open. For more information or to apply, visit conncoll.edu/academics/summer-programs/ pre-college-programs/.

explore strategies to bring their venture to market. Dance Inten- sive participants will work with David Dorfman Dance, one of the most influential contemporary dance companies in the United States, on technique and choreography while exploring how “bodies serve as powerful conductors of emotion, strength, vulnerability and change.” The Global Focus and the Environmental Action through Research, Theory and Heart (E.A.R.T.H.) programs will run July 17-28. Global Focus participants will gain a deeper under- standing of the role of diplomacy and develop the capacity to


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