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energy was up and the staff encouraged cheering all the way through! You definitely need a throat lozenge afterwards if you choose to go! Even though we didn’t get “called on down” to be a contestant, it was still a wonderful experience and is definitely one of our highlights. We were seated in the second row from the front, so if you happen to be watching on Monday, May 6 at 11 am, you may see us on TV! Another highlight of our trip was being able to go see two NHL games. My husband is a HUGE Montreal Canadians fan, so obviously we had to book our trip around the time when they’d be in California playing! The first game was in LA, and the experience was made even better since the Habs won! The second game was in Anaheim, and even though the outcome wasn’t as bright, we still had a great time. Justin was happy either way since now he can check two more NHL arenas off of his bucket-list.

Our final highlight was going to Disneyland! Ever since I was little I have been a huge Disney fan (thanks mom)! My dad and I even did our father- daughter dance at my wedding to a Disney song. Even though it was rainy for a couple days there and I was dealing with a little foot injury, we still had a magical time. We got

My husband Justin and I went to Los Angeles, California for a weeklong getaway this winter. We were hoping for a week of sunshine and Hollywood glam, but instead it was full of rain and blisters from wet shoes (at least for me). However, even with the rain, we still loved exploring someplace new, and ended up having a great time!

In Hollywood, we walked down the Walk of Fame looking at the stars of celebrities young and old. We also enjoyed comparing our hand and foot sizes to those actors that pressed their prints into the cement at the Chinese Theatre. It was great seeing the hand/ footprints of actors that we grew up watching! On one of our few sunny

to meet a lot of the main Disney characters, went on tons of fun rides, and just enjoyed being a kid again! It is definitely still the “happiest place on earth” to me! Overall we had a great time in LA, and can’t wait to go back to California to explore more of what it offers! Melissa Norris

days we decided to go for a hike at Runyon Canyon Park, and at the top of the hike we had a wonderful view of the “Hollywood” sign. It’s an iconic landmark to the area, and definitely made for a great photo-op! Since we were in the land where “dreams come true”, we decided to hope for a little luck of our own on a TV show called The Price Is Right. I did not know what to expect, but from start to finish there was so much energy! This show has been around for years and has fans of all ages. It was great getting to know other attendees, and seeing the ‘behind the scenes’ of how this show is made. During the entire filming everyone’s


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