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May 2017

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Shouting Out the Great Moms I Know A World of Difference

This month we celebrate Mother’s Day, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about a few of the moms in my life. It’s a tough job, but these women tackle it gracefully. They work hard, put their kids first, and love their families. It’s an example we all should follow. Of course, there’s no one more special than my wife, Deanna, the mother of my three children. She’s a fantastic role model for our daughters: She’s smart, committed, strong, and loving. She always has a smile, a hug, and an open heart and mind for them. But she’s no pushover! Not much slips by her, as my kids know well. Deanna is the glue that binds our family together, something that is never more apparent than when she travels for work; when it’s just me, I have no clue where anyone needs to be, and my kids get nothing but microwave mac ‘n’ cheese for the week. Although Deanna’s own mom is no longer with us, her presence is felt in our family daily. My wife’s mom was a great woman, and we miss her every day. My own mother was a single mom for my brother and my teenage years and raised us to be hard working, respectful, patient, loyal, and kind. She just retired after 25-plus years as a middle school math teacher, “mothering” countless classes of kids year after year. Middle

schoolers can be a tough crowd, and math is sometimes a hard sell. Her dedication to the kids never wavered, and I know she made a difference in many lives. She’s also very present in the lives of her grandchildren — five girls! I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that for “Mimi” the sun rises and sets with her grandkids. She comes up from Miami almost every weekend, and the girls just love her. She’s at dance shows, soccer games, karate classes, and anywhere else those five Shullman girls are. And she always has a smile that exudes pure joy. She’s taught all of them how to ride a bike — most recently my own Kate — and has more energy than all of us parents combined! I’m glad that there’s a day this month to recognize the hard work that moms do. It’s

often a thankless task, and there are no sick days from being a mom. I want to thank my wife for being a fantastic mom. And I want to thank my own mom for raising my brother and me and taking care of our kids whenever we need a hand. (We’re especially going to need that during the upcoming teenage years!) Take time to say “thanks” to the mothers in your own life this month. In our lives, and the lives of many others, they’ve made a world of difference. And on a final, personal note, as the father of three daughters and uncle of three nieces, I could not be more thankful that my girls have such wonderful examples of strong, caring women in their lives.

Have a great May,

– Dr. Howard Shullman • 561.868.5050 • 1

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