Church Records; Jan 1,1902 to Feb 23,1916

i2he secretary of the Board 6f Beacons read the following proposed t\^nge in the Constitution to be voted on at the regular business meeting in March: / ,, , Article ^-Section 4-beginning after the words" every half year." Those members whose addresses are unkown f'or at least two years or who have failed to live up to the requirements of the church, may upon yote of the church either be dropped from the roll or be -placed upon an absentee list. Members u-on the absentee list shall not be reported to the "ssociation. At any time upon vote of the church, letters of recommendation may be given them upon their request or their names may be dropped altogether: or by vote of the church, their names may be redtored to the active list. Adda H. Smith, Church Clerk.

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