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No Matter What Life Brings Attitude Is Everything

There always seems to be two sides when it comes to the holiday season. Some view it as a joyous time to look forward to while others see it as a time of unwelcomed forced festivity. Your feelings often stem from your past experiences, and everyone has a holiday story to tell — whether it’s a good one or a bad one. I’ve discovered that many opinions are born of the attitude you held way back when those holiday stories first occurred. I learned early on just how important attitude can be in dictating how your life plays out. In December 1984, my step-brother was found dead in our house. He had accidentally overdosed and passed away. It was devastating news that would have been heartbreaking at any time of year, but it happened to occur during the Christmas season. It was natural for my family to want to skip out on celebrations that year. In fact, some did. But I realized we faced a crossroad: We could mope in despair over our loss, or we could celebrate him in our memories. While some chose to mope, I chose to honor him by using the holidays to celebrate his life. From this experience, I took away a great lesson I’ve continued to carry into the work I perform for my clients every day. Attitude is everything. There’s plenty to say about a lawyer’s attitude when they represent their client, but I think there’s a lot more to say about a client’s attitude when they face their case. In personal injury cases, it’s easy to play

the role of the victim because the reality is you are a victim. Circumstances likely beyond your control have left you injured, both physically and emotionally, and you deserve appropriate compensation. But there’s a difference between playing the victim and showing you are a victim. When a case makes its way into court, it’s up to a jury to ultimately decide your fate. Lawyers can give them the facts, but the client must convince them of the person behind the incident. Showing the jury what kind of victim you are stems directly from your outlook on your situation. If you can show that your ultimate goal is to reclaim the life you once had and live it to the fullest — and convince them

you’re ready to fight to overcome a terrible moment — you show them your attitude is one of perseverance. Facing your situation with your head held high, being open about what happened to you, and helping them understand how the functions of your everyday life have been altered makes them see an honest, relatable, and noteworthy person. And that’s the type of person they want to root for. But only a positive outlook can inspire that attitude. Losing my step-brother taught me to appreciate life and to remember that no matter what might befall you, you must keep living with intention. When it comes to attitudes about Christmas, I understand twinkling lights and caroling singers aren’t for everyone. But, no matter what personal history the season might bring to the surface, it’s a meaningful time that can teach us a lot about our lives and how we choose to live them.

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