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I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to have served on the good side from the start. My foray into the legal world was watching my father passionately fight for his clients in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. My first job was for the local district attorney’s office, where I represented the people of Georgia and fought for their safety. And my practice has never been available to insurance companies; we represent regular, everyday people who deserve proper compensation for their injuries.

That’s why I leapt at the opportunity to represent average Joes across southern Georgia in mass tort cases. For the past year, the Law Offices of William F. Underwood, III, P.C. has been actively accepting Georgians who are seeking representation and help with their mass tort claims. These cases will sound familiar to most people who have seen them on television infomercials, but if you’re not inundated in the legal world, it can be difficult to understand what makes these cases so valuable.

on what the legal team trying the case tells us. This gives the clients a personal lawyer who is offering them advice on the next steps in the process, since these cases typically involve hundreds — if not thousands — of people. Procedurally, this process can be very long. Because these cases involve so many people and large corporations, it may take years for a client to learn about the fate of their case. This makes the relationship

... mass tort cases make

products safer for generations of users.

between a regional lawyer and the local clients all the more valuable. It keeps clients informed, while lending that personal ear I have learned is so important to injury cases. Like personal injury cases, these lawsuits truly matter. Mass tort cases have produced drugs that don’t kill you, air bags and seat belts to make car rides safer, and devices that don’t explode upon use. They are not frivolous and the fault of a victim; mass tort cases make products safer for generations of users. At the Law Offices of William F. Underwood III, P.C., we want to become the go-to southern Georgia mass torts law firm, and we have the experience and care to get there. I started for the good guys, and that’s who I’m determined to continue helping. -William F. “Trey” Underwood, III

Mass tort cases are a subset of personal injury law that involve a large group of people who are facing complications, pain, negligent side effects, and costly repairs due to the defect of a product. A few examples of these cases include talcum powder resulting in higher rates of cancer, carelessly produced hernia mesh, and dangerous asbestos contact for labor professionals. My job, as a lawyer in southern Georgia, is to act as a personal resource for local residents who may have suffered as a result of a shoddy product. There are only a handful of legal teams across the country that actually bring these cases to trial, so our experts record clients’ information, pass it along to the legal teams, and guide the clients in our region through the process, based

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