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Let me tell you the story of the Little family. Anna and Steve Little are parents to eight girls. Anna is a dynamo: She home-schools all her kids, she’s active in her church, and she runs a terrific household where all the girls are working and helping their parents with the chores. Anna runs her home with grace and class. Nearly 10 years ago, Steve and Anna were blessed with their eighth child. They named her Mercy. This young girl has needed 24-hour care since she was born and will need such care for the rest of her life. Mercy is completely dependent on her family to care for her. For the first five years of her life, Mercy had round- the-clock seizures. Anna was there every step of the way to be with Mercy during each and every seizure. Anna has been Mercy’s 24-hour nurse, and every member of the family has been a nurse’s aide for Mercy for 10 years. A lot of kids with Mercy’s condition are in and out of hospitals for chronic ailments, but not Mercy. She has been receiving the finest care a little girl could receive from her loving family. This is despite the fact that the family could not afford to pay for the type of therapy Mercy needed to make her life more enjoyable. Our firm and Wise Morrissey, LLC, have represented the Little family for the last five years. We have visited the Little home on dozens of occasions. We’ve seen the kids read to Mercy and sing to her while she swings in a makeshift swing in the family’s living room. Every time I have come away from their home, I am inspired by their endurance, dedication, and love for one another. They are happy, they are thrilled to have each other, and they feel blessed to be there for Mercy. This family cherishes life itself. “AND NOW THESE THREE REMAIN: FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE. BUT THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

for the therapy Mercy needs for the rest of her life. They will be able to purchase a proper bed, wheelchair, and van that can transport Mercy in comfort and safety. In my 31 years in the legal field, I’ve learned a lot from my clients. Anna and Steve Little and their terrific family taught us what faith, hope, and love looks like in real life. It’s God first, others second, and me last. All of their children have the playbook and follow the game plan. This family continues to teach us what real love means. Thank you, Anna and Steve, for showing us how to lead an incredible and loving life. We are grateful to know you and grateful that we will be able to work with you in the future.

– Joe Shannon

After a five-year ordeal, Mercy’s case resolved in April, the last month just before trial. Anna and Steve will now be able to pay

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