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One of the biggest challenges companies have is in getting their designers to embrace AM since most of the designers did NOT formally study AM and school curriculums are only now beginning to add courses in AM

This web seminar fills a gap between designers that are familiar with design tools and the emerging technologies of Additive Manufacturing, which are mostly in the manufacturing domain in most organizations. The goal of this course is to give designers the information they need to start designing for AM at all levels –identifying and justifying use of AM technology for a particular part, selecting the right process and material for the application in mind and ensuring it is designed with the advantages and considerations of AM in mind. The course is not intended to serve as a software- training class or as a deep dive into any specific AM process, but rather to draw connections between design and AM from a designer’s perspective. LEARNING OBJECTIVES By attending this seminar, you will be able to: • List the diœerent polymer and metal AM process technologies and materials and identify which of these are being used for functional part production • Select the optimum AM material and process for a particular application • Predict how design decisions impact manufacturability for the selected AM process and apply design rules and guidelines to your design process • Quantify the expected properties of the AM parts you are designing • Discover how topology optimization, cellular structures and other disruptive design techniques can be leveraged with AM and associated software tools • Identify the diœerent drivers for adopting AM for a particular part, with regard to cost, lead time, supply chain and performance risks • Relate to the challenges and ongoing research eœorts to be able to move forward with AM implementation in the presence of rapid change in the field • Develop a comprehensive strategy to bring AM for functional part production into your organization that addresses both the benefits and impacts WHO SHOULD ATTEND Designers working in aerospace or ground vehicle chartered with designing next generation solutions, designing replacement parts, or designing tools used in the manufacturing process will benefit from this course.


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