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HOWDOYOU STAY UP-TO-DATE AND SECURE TIMELY INFORMATION IN YOUR TECHNOLOGY FOCUS AREA? Look to SAE International as your most critical resource for lifelong training and professional development. In this issue of the Manufacturing & Materials Technology Education and Training Guide , you’ll find an extensive portfolio of courses designed to keep you ahead of the industry. PLUS - don’t miss the suggested Related Manufacturing & Materials Technology Resources on pages 38-39. We’ve selected key SAE books, standards, journals, and technical events to further your professional development and deepen your technical knowledge. THIS GUIDE INCLUDES EDUCATION & TRAINING AND KNOWLEDGE RESOURCES IN THE FOLLOWING TOPIC AREAS: • Manufacturing • Materials • Metallurgy

EARN A CERTIFICATE OF MASTERY FROM SAE SAE multi-course certificates provide an outline of courses designed to extend your understanding in a specific technology area. When reviewing SAE education and training material, watch for the certificate icon. It indicates which courses are part of an SAE multi-course certificate program. For a list of programs, visit and click on CERTIFICATIONS .

WHY SAE? WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING “Relevant, realistic, and informative.” Zakir Ahmed Sr. Manager - Process Engineering; Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd.

“The instructor presented the material in an enthusiastic and understandable way.” Susan Collet Senior Principal Engineer, Materials Engineer; Toyota Techical Center USA, Inc.

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