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This is a basic course and will be best received by those wishing to gain a broad and basic understanding of the topic.

In this course, explore the basics of threaded fasteners, what purpose specific product design features address, the importance of proper material choices, and the function of platings and coatings. This course introduces you to basic fastener engineering principles and explains why tension is all-important in the bolted joint, the relationship between torque and tension, how screws can be used to form their own internal threads, and new technologies and practices being deployed by automotive manufacturers to achieve lighter weight products. This course includes a segment on joining technologies that enable automotive designers and manufacturers to succeed in their light weighting activities. Many of these technologies are relatively new and state-of- the art. • Distinguish the diœerent characteristics of threaded fasteners and in what situations/applications those characteristics should be deployed • Explain the relationship between torque and tension in a bolted joint • Diœerentiate various tightening strategies and assess the most appropriate for specific assembly operations • Distinguish between diœerent material choices and how associated unique material properties lend the designer to use one material over another • Explain how high strength fasteners are achieved • Evaluate the many plating and coating options available for fasteners and make choices that provide the user the greatest amount of value and utility. • Explain the diœerence between a traditional bolted joint and a joint formed by a thread forming fastener. You will be able to distinguish fundamental diœerences between the fastener engineering that goes into thread forming in diœerent materials • Evaluate di°cult joining scenarios posed by new assembly challenges and assess and apply new joining technologies that will successfully provide a solution WHO SHOULD ATTEND Engineers and non-engineers that are in a technical or semi- technical role, who either use, design-in, or provide others with guidance related to fasteners. Individuals that are new to the industry, have recently moved to a role that requires basic knowledge of fasteners and fastener engineering, or have been in the industry for a while but have never received formal education on fasteners or wish to improve their knowledge of fasteners. LEARNING OBJECTIVES By attending this seminar, you will be able to:


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