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An adhesive is a substance used to join two or more materials. Adhesive bonding is the process of placing an adhesive between two surfaces, or substrates, and allowing it to harden, or cure. Structural adhesives are most commonly used in adhesive bonding, since they can easily withstand heavy loads. Epoxies, anaerobics, acrylics, silicones, urethanes, and cyanoacrylates are commonly used structural adhesives. The courses in this on-demand course bundle explain the fundamental concepts of adhesive bonding as they apply to product assembly. The content first addresses adhesive properties, basic concepts of the adhesive bonding process, and types of adhesives. Intermediate-level classes explain surface preparation methods as well as basic steps for applying an adhesive to a surface. This course describes adhesive bonding, adhesive classification, and the various factors that lead to a successful adhesive bond. BASICS OF THE BONDING PROCESS This course describes the basics of the adhesive bonding process, as well as the various solidification methods of adhesives. INTRO TO ADHESIVE PROPERTIES This course describes the mechanical and nonmechanical properties of adhesives and addresses how they impact adhesive bonding. TYPES OF ADHESIVES This course describes the characteristics, pros and cons, and applications of types of synthetic adhesives. SURFACE PREPARATION This course discusses surface factors that aœect adhesion, the nature of the diœerent types of surfaces used in adhesive bonding, and the methods of selecting and preparing a surface for adhesive bonding. STEPS FOR ADHESIVE APPLICATION This course discusses each step involved in the adhesive application process, as well as basic dispensing methods and methods of testing the eœectiveness of the application process on the COURSE TITLES: INTRO TO ADHESIVE BONDING

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