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This live web seminar provides a detailed understanding of the source - path-receiver relationship for developing appropriate sound package treatments in automobiles, commercial vehicles, and other transportation devices. The course provides a detailed overview of absorption, attenuation (barrier), and damping materials and how to evaluate their performances on material, component, and vehicle level applications. A significant portion of the course is spent addressing case studies demonstrating how properly designed sound package materials successfully address vehicle noise issues. LEARNING OBJECTIVES By connecting with this course, you will be able to: • Identify various descriptors used in acoustics while working with sound package materials • Identify three fundamentally diœerent sound package materials that are used in the industry • Explain how these materials work and how to improve their performance • Describe how various measurements are made and why they are necessary on a material level, component level, and vehicle level • Prescribe appropriate sound package materials for specific NVH issues • Construct proper protocols for combining diœerent sound package materials for diœerent components so that the final vehicle meets the required acoustic target WHO SHOULD ATTEND Those new to the vehicle sound package area; also designed for OEM or supplier engineers and all roles involved with noise control materials and parts for various types of vehicles. CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS • Vehicle Noise Sources and Solutions • The noise system - sources • The noise control system using sound package materials • Sound Package Material - Absorber, Barrier, Damper • Component and Vehicle Level Noise Measurements INSTRUCTOR Pranab Saha Co-Founder and Principal Consultant, Kolano and Saha Engineers, Inc.

Md Zakir Ahmed Sr. Manager - Process Engineering Volkswagen India Pvt Ltd

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SCHEDULE March 5-14, 2019 Live Online

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