Manufacturing and Materials - P18311998

METALLURGY OF STEEL CASE HARDENING This on-demand course discusses common steel case hardening processes and how they are used to modify the surface layers of steels to obtain specific mechanical properties. Learn about process parameters and their aœect on case composition, depth, microstructure, and properties. METALLURGY OF STEEL THROUGH HARDENING This course covers the metallurgy of steel through hardening processes. Learn about the eœects of heat treating temperature and cooling rate on steel microstructure and properties, and the eœects of the interaction between heat treating process parameters and steel composition on through hardened steel microstructure and strength. METALLURGY OF STEEL: PRINCIPLES Learn the phases and microstructures that form in steels, their eœects on steel properties, the microstructure changes that occur when steel is heated and cooled, and the eœects of carbon content and cooling rate on the microstructures that form in this course. All this information is applicable to understanding the eœects of steel heat treating processes and heat treating process parameters on the microstructure and properties of heat treated plain carbon, low- alloy, and tools steels. TENSILE TESTING Learn about tensile testing of metals with a focus on how testing is performed and tensile properties are measured. Includes: calculation of stress and strain; and stress and strain curve. WROUGHT ALUMINUM This course oœers the knowledge to establish good understanding of how aluminum alloys behave and what can be done to modify their properties is critical for being more productive and profitable. ELECTROPLATING This course presents the process steps for electroplating and supporting process; covers eœects of electroplating on coating properties, features, and defects.



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