Manufacturing and Materials - P18311998

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CHASSIS & VEHICLE DYNAMICS Vehicle Dynamics for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks - I.D.# 99020

ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY LIDAR and Infrared Cameras for ADAS and Autonomous Sensing - I.D. #C1896 Introduction to Highly Automated Vehicles - I.D.# C1603 Introduction to Radar for Automotive Applications - I.D.# C1627 ENGINEERING TOOLS & METHODS Introduction to Failure Mode and Effects Analysis for Product and Process - I.D.# C1201

MANAGEMENT: LEADERSHIP & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Engineering Project Management – I.D.# 99003

SAFETY & ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Reconstruction and Analysis of Motorcycle Crashes - I.D.# C1506 Accident Reconstruction, the Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS - I.D.# C1869


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