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The Additive Manufacturing On Demand Course Bundle from training partner ToolingU-SME guides you through essential topics in the understanding and application of Additive Manufacturing. Successful completion provides the knowledge needed to begin eœectively using AM technology. These courses explain the fundamental concepts of additive manufacturing, including the main principles behind AM and the safety precautions to take during the process. They also introduce the basic steps in additive manufacturing and discuss the variety of methods and materials used to create AM products. ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING COURSE BUNDLE Course titles listed are available only as part of the Additive Manufacturing Course Bundle


This course introduces users to additive manufacturing (AM) processes by outlining the history of AM, describing AM technology, and exploring current and future additive manufacturing applications: ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING SAFETY This course describes the various safety hazards involved in additive manufacturing (AM) and the precautions operators should follow to protect themselves. Operators must be aware of hazards as well as the safety protocols used to reduce them. THE BASIC ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING PROCESS This course provides an overview of the build process used in additive manufacturing. Upon completing “The Basic AM Process,” users should know the eight basic steps involved in creating an AM product. ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING METHODS AND MATERIALS This course provides an overview of the diœerent processes used in additive manufacturing. This class also details the materials used in each process and any additional considerations specific to those materials. DESIGN FOR ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING This course discusses how to conceptualize and create a part design for an additive manufacturing (AM) process. After taking this course, you will understand key DFAM concepts, such as functional complexity and hierarchical complexity, the basics of AM production processes, and how DFAM concepts related to basic AM production.


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