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“The highest reward for man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.”

“AS A COMPANY, WE BELIEVE WE TAKE BETTER CARE OF OUR CUSTOMERS WHEN WE ALSO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN. HELPING OUT DURING STEVEN’S DEPLOYMENT WAS A CHANCE TO PUT THAT BELIEF TO PRACTICE. ” To us, these “favors” were simply the right things to do, and I honestly didn’t think twice about it. As a company, we believe we take better care of our customers when we also take care of our own. Helping out during Steven’s deployment was a chance to put that belief to practice. We don’t need a reward for doing it because knowing we stood by our people is reward enough. However, we were humbled and honored beyond belief when we heard that Steven had nominated us for a Patriotic Employer award from the U.S. Secretary of Defense. We had no clue he had done so until Brigadier General Seymour of the Georgia National Guard arrived at our office to present us with the award. Being honored with this award is one of the most meaningful events to happen to us recently. It’s a reminder that doing the right thing still holds weight in 2019. Most of all, this award means so much because the nomination came from Steven. That we were able to make his family’s life a little easier while he was making every American’s life safer is what really matters. It’s been amazing to see the response the award has generated around our office and on social media. I have to admit that it’s taken me a little by surprise. My philosophy is that a huge part of being a business owner is caring for your team. If you can’t do that, you’re not much of a leader. Thank you, Steven, both for your service and for nominating us for a Patriotic Employer award. We are honored and grateful to have you on our squad. –Morty Hodge

–John Ruskin

As many of you know, we take pride in employing America’s brave servicepeople. To us, it’s never been a question. Those who fight for our country are heroes in the truest sense, acting selflessly to defend our nation and ideals. If having these folks on staff requires holding their space and helping their families while they’re deployed, that’s a deal we’re willing to make every time. You can imagine our surprise when we were recognized for doing just that. One of our employees, Steven Holman, is also a proud member of the military. When he was recently deployed to the Middle East, we wished him well on his journey but certainly didn’t forget about him. While he was away, we wanted to do everything we could to help his loved ones back home. When their air-conditioning system faltered, we made sure to fix it — if we couldn’t do that, we better look for a new line of work! There was an issue with Steve’s military dental and vision insurance, so we covered his family members with our insurance. We also helped around the house by doing small projects and lending a hand where we could.

WILD DIVORCE SETTLEMENTS 3 Times the Division of Assets Got Out of Control


Integrated Filtration and Reliable Performance

A compressed air dryer is an essential component of any air compressor system. As the pivot between the supply (intake) and demand (distribution) sides of a system, it has a huge impact on overall efficiency and quality. Mikropor’s MK Series of compressed air dryers offers great design, reliable performance, and easy maintenance, all of which provide you with energy cost savings and peace of mind. One the most eye-catching features of the MK Series is its integrated pre- and after- filtration system. Normally,

When you’re untying the knot, it’s important to be specific about the assets you hope to walk away with. These three over-the-top divorce settlements are good examples of what not to do when dissolving your marriage. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDNEY ME Back in 2001, Dr. Richard Batista donated his kidney to his ailing wife, Dawnell, to save her life. Sweet, right? It was — until Dawnell filed for divorce in 2005 and Dr. Batista demanded she give back his kidney or compensate him for $1.5 million in damages. In the end, his request was thrown out in court because the kidney was a gift — and because removing it would be potentially fatal to his ex-spouse. A LIFE RENT IN TWO When Moeun Sarim and Vat Navy decided to divorce after 18 years of marriage, Moeun apparently decided that, to keep the split equitable, he and his wife should divide their assets in half — literally. Moeun and his relatives cut the home down the middle, dismantled his portion, and hauled it away. Vat’s half was left standing with one wall missing. ‘HERE, MY DEAR’ In the divorce agreement between the late Marvin Gaye and his ex, Anna Gordy, it was decided that Anna would be paid from the royalties of Gaye’s next album since he had gone broke from his lavish spending. At first, Gaye decided he’d phone in the production, but he quickly discovered an opportunity to make a unique artistic statement: “I’ll give her my next album, but it’ll be something she won’t want to play and it’ll be something she won’t want the world to hear because I’m gonna tell the world the truth.” In the end, the album was a commercial flop, though critics continue to praise its raw, emotional core.

a particle filter would be installed inline prior to the compressed air dryer, and an oil removal filter after it. Placing these filters within a system’s piping greatly adds to installation costs and increases the difficulty of maintenance and repair. The MK Series houses both of these filters, along with all of its digitally cycling air-drying components, in a single unit. The design allows technicians to replace filters quickly and easily, slashing your labor costs. In addition to this innovative, integrated design, all MK Series units come with a digital controller. It not only displays dew point and other important data, but also includes automated maintenance reminders. Your dryer will tell you when it needs servicing, which eliminates guesswork and ensures continued optimal performance. The MK Series can be used for a number of applications including food production, pharmaceuticals, photo labs, powder coating, sand blasting, and many more. No matter the size of your system, there’s a Mikropor MK Series compressed air dryer to match it. Call us today to learn more about the MK Series and the benefits of integrating filtration into your compressed air dryer. We can help assess which unit will save you the most in operating costs while improving your overall production efficiency. Who wouldn’t view that as a win-win?

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ATLANTA COMPRESSOR HAS A VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT, AND WE WANTED TO TELL YOU FIRST … THIS MARCH, WE’LL BE HOSTING THE COMPRESSED AIR CHALLENGE RIGHT HERE IN ATLANTA. The Compressed Air Challenge is a voluntary collaboration of industrial end-users; manufacturers, distributors and their associations; consultants; state research and development agencies; energy efficiency organizations; and utilities. This group has one purpose in mind — helping you enjoy the benefits of improved performance for your compressed air system.

To help achieve that goal, they host training events all over the country. We’re honored to sponsor our local event.

Join Atlanta Compressor and representatives from the U.S. Department of Energy for a three day seminar featuring fundamental training on operational efficiency, as well as more advanced classes.

Turn over this insert for full details and instructions on how to join us!


WHEN: MARCH 25–27 WHERE: UPSTAIRS ATLANTA 525 BISHOP ST. ATLANTA, GA 30318 Open to the general public, but we’re giving you advance notice. Act fast because this event is sure to sell out. For more information, and to sign up for this event visit

HOW SUPER BOWL XXXIV MADE AN ICON OUT OF A GROCERY STORE CLERK ONE FOR THE AGES After going up 16–0 against the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV, Warner and the Rams looked poised to coast on their way to the Lombardi Trophy, but the late Steve McNair and the Titans had different plans. The Georgia Dome was rocking after two Eddie George touchdown runs, and a field goal brought the Titans level at 16–16, with just over two minutes of play remaining. In response, Warner dropped back and found receiver Isaac Bruce for a 73-yard touchdown, bringing the score to 23–16 with 1:54 left on the clock. But the Titans weren’t done fighting. Quickly moving the ball down the field, Titans quarterback Steve McNair found himself with a third and 5 inside the Rams 30-yard line with 22 seconds left. Scrambling around and fighting off two players trying to pull him down, McNair threw the ball to Kevin Dyson at the 10-yard line. A quick timeout left six seconds on the clock, and the Titans were one play away from tying the game. What proceeded was a play that will be forever known as “the tackle.” McNair found Dyson on a quick slant, and when he caught the ball at the 4-yard line, it appeared a touchdown was imminent. Suddenly, linebacker Mike Jones wrapped the receiver up at the hips. As he fell to the ground with the ball in his hand, Dyson extended his arm, but when he hit the AstroTurf, he was 1 yard short of the goal line. The Rams had pulled off the impossible, earning their first Super Bowl title ever.

Going into the 1999 NFL season, no one expected anything from the St. Louis Rams. When starting quarterback Trent Green went down with a gruesome knee injury in the preseason, ESPN The Magazine slated the Rams to be the worst team in the NFL that year. With few options, coach Vermeil named a virtually unknown player as his new starting quarterback, humbly stating in a press conference, “We will rally around Kurt Warner, and we’ll play good football.” Five years before his start, 22-year-old Kurt Warner was stocking shelves at a Hy-Vee grocery store in Cedar Falls, Iowa, for $5.50 an hour. However, he had amassed a whopping 16 snaps in the NFL prior to taking the reins for the 1999 season, and what proceeded to transpire on the field was utter pandemonium, giving the Rams the nickname “The Greatest Show on Turf.” This improbable season and the resulting MVP award for Warner set the stage for one of the most dramatic games in Super Bowl history.

Italian Cured Meat 101

For Air Compressor Room Design How you design the room that stores your air compressor affects performance almost as much as the system itself. Ambient conditions have a massive impact on efficiency and safety. With that in mind, here are our top five tips for air compressor room design.

The vast array of Italian cured meats, known collectively as salumi, on offer at delis and grocery stores are perfect for your next game-day or holiday spread. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best of the best. SALAMI While it sounds a lot like salumi, salami is a sub-category that includes any cured meat that is ground before being shaped. This includes classics like sopressata, the fennel-laced finocchiona, and mortadella, which is basically the best version of bologna you’ll ever eat. PROSCIUTTO, SPECK, AND COPPA Unlike salami, these cured meats are made from whole animal parts. In the case of prosciutto and speck, pigs’ hind legs are cured and aged. Speck is also smoked, lending additional flavor. Coppa comes from the top shoulder and is a meatier version of prosciutto. BRESAOLA Most salumi is pork-based, but bresaola is an exception. Consider this air- dried beef a refined take on jerky.

1. Put your compressor system in a dedicated room as close to its point of use as possible.

2. Maintain enough clearance height and floor space for easy installation and maintenance.

3. Allow for easy and lawful disposal of condensate.

4. Install robust ventilation for optimal temperature control.

5. Leave room for properly sized piping to prevent drops in air pressure and performance.

These are just a few of the considerations to keep in mind when finalizing your air compressor room layout. Our expert team will make sure your room and system work in harmony.

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Helping an American Hero

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The Most Iconic Super Bowl in NFL History

Tips for Designing Your Air Compressor Space


Zoom Brings Your Company Together


way to guarantee that your team members don’t miss a beat no matter where they’re located.

easy and takes only a few minutes. The webinar add-on allows you to broadcast your talk to up to 10,000 guests. However you use Zoom, you can rely on rock-solid performance and an excellent user experience. You can use Zoom on any device, which is great when team members can’t get to a computer. It fosters increased engagement and helps make your meetings count. We like to think of Zoom as a tool that closes the distance between our team members. Even when people are hundreds of miles away, it feels like they’re in the same room. For agile companies with a far-flung workforce, Zoom is an essential tool. You can try it for free and see if it helps your team stay connected. Our team, for one, will never go back to conference calls again.

Videoconferencing offers many benefits traditional phone calls don’t have. For one, by creating a visual link between the parties communicating, you ensure everyone’s paying attention. It’s easy to get distracted on phone calls, especially if you take them on the go. A videoconference feels more formal. It’s something you make time for and devote energy to. Zoom also includes screen sharing functionality that allows you to share presentations, graphs, videos, and other visuals in real-time. In addition to robust videoconferencing that can host up to 500 participants, Zoom offers webinar software for speaking events and other presentations. Attendees only have to download Zoom — which is free — to access the event. The process is

In today’s business environment, staying connected across long distances is crucial for efficiency. Most companies employ team members or contractors who work outside the office all or most of the time. While phone calls are the old reliable option, today’s technologies offer much better solutions. We use Zoom for videoconferencing and webinars. It’s a great

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