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Zoom Brings Your Company Together


way to guarantee that your team members don’t miss a beat no matter where they’re located.

easy and takes only a few minutes. The webinar add-on allows you to broadcast your talk to up to 10,000 guests. However you use Zoom, you can rely on rock-solid performance and an excellent user experience. You can use Zoom on any device, which is great when team members can’t get to a computer. It fosters increased engagement and helps make your meetings count. We like to think of Zoom as a tool that closes the distance between our team members. Even when people are hundreds of miles away, it feels like they’re in the same room. For agile companies with a far-flung workforce, Zoom is an essential tool. You can try it for free and see if it helps your team stay connected. Our team, for one, will never go back to conference calls again.

Videoconferencing offers many benefits traditional phone calls don’t have. For one, by creating a visual link between the parties communicating, you ensure everyone’s paying attention. It’s easy to get distracted on phone calls, especially if you take them on the go. A videoconference feels more formal. It’s something you make time for and devote energy to. Zoom also includes screen sharing functionality that allows you to share presentations, graphs, videos, and other visuals in real-time. In addition to robust videoconferencing that can host up to 500 participants, Zoom offers webinar software for speaking events and other presentations. Attendees only have to download Zoom — which is free — to access the event. The process is

In today’s business environment, staying connected across long distances is crucial for efficiency. Most companies employ team members or contractors who work outside the office all or most of the time. While phone calls are the old reliable option, today’s technologies offer much better solutions. We use Zoom for videoconferencing and webinars. It’s a great

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