TRK_909560_TTC_DPF Sell Sheet

Improve DPF Performance & Save Money Engine Pre-heat | Reduced DPF Maintenance Costs

Webasto Coolant Heaters: n Provide engine pre-conditioning without idling n Use as little as 1 Gallon of fuel in 10 hours* n CARB approved and EPA SmartWay verified n Full diagnostics with PC interface available † n Reduce PM emissions by up to 66% at start-up n 1 7,200 - 45,000 BTU/h heat output n Reduce DPF maintenance costs

Thermo Top C Coolant Heater with SmarTemp fx 2.0 Control

Reduce Filter Overloading, DEF Thaw Time, Face Plugging & Thermal Cracking

Independent testing shows that using a Webasto solution to pre-heat an engine can significantly improve DPF performance. Emissions are reduced, even at high ambient temperatures - this means that it is beneficial to pre-heat engines in warm and cold climates.

*Fuel efficiency based on Thermo Top C heater. † Diagnostics available for most heaters.

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