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short form data sheet M - LED Nano 3 module

M - LED series

L/70 at 36K hrs: 36,000 hours to 70% of initial light output backed by a 5 - year warranty means dependable, high quality LED lighting modules for the sign maker


M - LED Nano 3 is a chain LED lighting system for shallow and narrow slim built - up letters, flat - cut letters and other sign lighting applications.

Each tiny module (only 18mm long and 5mm high) comprises three bright Epistar 3014 chip SMD LEDs mounted on a heat dissipating aluminium PCB all under a domed, light diffusing cover and encapsulated by a dust and water resistant ABS module.

Modules have a peel - off, self - adhesive backing for fast installation.

M - LED Nano 3 modules are also arranged closer together along the chain than usual (at 50mm intervals) making these ideal for narrow stroke width letters with shallow returns.

20pcs modules are supplied in one 1 metre long chain and one pack of M - LED Nano 3 consists of 100pcs modules.

Tiny size

Diffused beam

Three 3014 SMD LEDs

High brightness and efficiency (83 lumens per Watt, white)

Low power consumption (0.3W)

Fast installation and low maintenance

Dust and weather resistant (IP65)

Safe, low power operation (12VDC)

• Warranty 5 - years or 36,000 hours operation whichever occurs first

Applications Small, narrow and shallow built - up letters: 20 to 50mm returns, flat cut letters & other designs

Compliance Meets the requirements of EN 62031 - LED module ‘ in - built LED module ’. Risk group EN 62471: exempt.



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