Sept 2020 OSHINO_LEDsForSigns_E_brochure


short form data M - LED 904 module M - LED series

L/70 at 22K hrs: 22,000 hours to 70% of initial light output backed by a 5 - year warranty means dependable, high quality LED lighting modules for the sign maker


M - LED 904 is a chain LED lighting system for large size built - up letters, medium and large size sign box- es and other sign lighting applications. With its quadruple low profile domed lenses and bright LEDs, a remarkably wide 160° beam angle is produced making M - LED 904 ideal for a bright and uniformly lit appearance in built - up letters with a wide stroke width and returns from 100mm deep. Four high quality and high brightness LEDs pro- duce a remarkable 140 lumens and are encapsu- lated in a dust and water resistant module. Each module has a peel - off, self - adhesive backing and two screw fixing point for a fast and secure in- stallation.

One pack of M - LED 904 consists of 50 modules in two chains of 25 supplied in an anti static foil bag.

Wide beam angle 160°

Four 2835 SMD LEDs

High brightness and efficiency (97 lumens per Watt, white)

Low power consumption (1.44W)

Dust and water resistant (IP65)

Safe, low power operation (12VDC)

5 years warranty or 22,000 hours operation whichever occurs first


Large built - up letters, medium and large size sign boxes


Meets the requirements of EN 62031 - LED module ‘ in - built LED module ’. Risk group EN 62471: exempt.



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