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Design Guide

Example: A logo built - up logo letters, opal face illuminated with 150mm returns

See our WiFi - 103 hub plus T3/CV receiver, T3 handheld remote control system for a suitable range of scalable colour - change gear options

Seta - LED® and Acrycast® LED from

Oshino recommends

Rtn depth

140 - 160 160 - 200

pitch X



Spacing guide: x is along row & y between rows

pitch Y



Specifications Optical and electrical data typical @ ta 25 o C +/ - 2 o @ 12V Ambient operating temp. range - 25 to 55 o C

Red (625nm) Green (525nm) Blue (465nm)


Input Voltage

0.72W (Max.)

66(L) x 15(W) x 4.9(H)

Beam Angle

36lm // 50lm/W (Max.)

20 when powered from one end or 40 when powered to both ends

*A 5 - years warranty is based on 3,650 hours operation per year in a continuous burning cycle of within 10 hours per day and L/70 B50 where operating voltage and / or temperature is not exceeded. Use only approved LED drivers and control gear.

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