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FlexiLED - BA120 FlexiLED series short form data

L/70 at 13K hrs: 13,000 hours to 70% of initial light output backed by a 3 - year warranty means dependable, high quality LED lighting modules for the sign maker


FlexiLED - BA120 is the new and improved version of our flexible, ribbon like, LED lighting system with 120pcs LED per metre.

Now more than twice as bright as the equivalent previous product it replaces but consuming a very similar low power, FlexiLED - BA120 is our most efficient and economical to use FlexiLED ever.

With a broad beam angle (115°), high brightness and low power consumption (810 lumens and 8.6 watts per metre in Pure White) this is ideal for use within signs with constricted spaces or elaborately contoured shapes.

A low - profile silicon spray coating gel encapsulates the ribbon and protects the componentry from dust and moisture ingress (IP65) and is suitable for wet or normally damp conditions but is unsuitable immersion or submersion. FlexiLED - BA120 can be cut at marked intervals. Where cut lengths are used care should be taken to re - seal the ribbon ’ s cut edges using an adhesive silicon resin (RTV). A new introduction of silver - tin plated pad design makes for oxidisation resistant and easy to solder connections. The ribbon has a peel - off and self - adhesive backing for fast and easy fixing to most de - greased surfaces. A 2 - core flying - lead cable is soldered and heat - shrunk onto one end.

One pack of FlexiLED - BA120 consists of 600pcs LEDs in a 5 metre long ribbon supplied on a plastic reel dispenser in an anti - static foil bag.

Beam angle 115 o

2835 SMD LED (120pcs per metre) and an 8mm wide pcb

High brightness & efficacy up to 94lm/Watt

Short cutting interval (25mm / 3pcs LEDs)

Dust and weather resistant (IP65)

Easy solder and oxidisation resistant silver - tin plated solder pads

3 years or 13,000 hours warranty*





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