Sept 2020 OSHINO_LEDsForSigns_E_brochure



cut at marked interval 62.4mm / 6 dual LEDs

Tightest allowable bend radius is 30mm

LED controller

Output (W) max

Load (A) max

Input (V DC)



Warranty (years)


R05 2CH dual - colour tunable - white inline dimmer with remote handset

Short - circuit protection Over - current protection Over - temperature protection Auto recover from fault Connection via flying leads Max range 10metres line - of - sight Handset uses 1pce CR2025 coin battery, supplied






R05 is a 2 - channel dual - colour RF LED 24V 6A max remote handset and inline dimmer / controller

On Controller

2pcs BLACK are pos +ve wires and 1pce connects to RED of 1pce reel FlexiLED (there are TWO BLACK pos +ve wires for connecting one each to 1pce reel FlexiLED) 1pce WHITE is neg –ve and connects to WHITE of 1 or 2pcs (max) reels FlexiLED and controls the white LEDs 1pce YELLOW is neg—ve and connects to YELLOW of 1 or 2pcs (max) reels FlexiLED and controls the warm - white LEDs

On FlexiLED Red = pos +ve White = white LED neg –ve Yellow = warm - white LED neg –ve

1pce controller with remote handset plus 200W 24V DC LED driver will operate up to 2pcs reels FlexiLED - 0BA tunable - white (5metres each and in parallel)

Use the 4pcs wire nuts supplied with each controller to connect the FlexiLED to the controller


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