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to Word of Life Bible Institute

We trust that this will be a profitable year for your student and that the Lord will touch their life in a very special way. We look forward to working with your student helping them to develop maximum spiritual effectiveness for the Lord, both here at Word of Life Bible Institute and toward future pursuits. We have included in this booklet a variety of information which we hope will be helpful to you in the coming months. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance throughout the school year. Program Word of Life Bible Institute is a two-year, non-degree granting institution whose high academic standards are recognized by most Christian colleges. Secular colleges will take some of the courses in transfer as electives. The emphasis of the freshman year is Biblical Foundation. The emphasis of the sophomore year is Ministry Foundation. A diploma is awarded for the successful completion of two years, each of which is comprised of two academic semesters and a summer practicum. Students who complete the first year are also recognized at graduation with a Bible Certificate. Word of Life Bible Institute is accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) which is a federally (USDE) recognized accrediting agency for Christian postsecondary education. Word of Life Bible Institute is listed in the Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education Directory. Mission The mission of Word of Life Bible Institute is to educate each student within a rigorous academic and structured discipleship atmosphere preparing him or her to live a life of maximum effectiveness for the Lord.


Philosophy Word of Life Bible Institute as an educational institution has developed its entire program around a particular philosophy of education. This philosophy is based on three key words: Study, Life, Ministry. These three words characterize our approach to education. Believers are commanded to study the Word of God accepting it as their foundation and authority. Discipleship and character building are the responsibility of godly leadership. Therefore, we educate students in Biblical doctrine and conduct through the classroom and example of our staff, producing students who practice excellence in the Christian life bringing glory to God. This philosophy is based on the following principles from the Bible: 2 TIMOTHY 2:15 We believe that the Bible is not only the foundation for morality, but it is also authoritative in every area that it addresses. It is, therefore, the beginning of wisdom and a prerequisite for any academic endeavor. COLOSSIANS 2:6-7 We believe that any area of Bible study must be built on a proper relationship with Jesus Christ. 2 TIMOTHY 2:1-2 We believe that intellectual “knowing” is only a beginning step and that a student has not learned until he has put this knowledge into practice.

COLOSSIANS 1:9-11; 2:8-9; TITUS 2:7-8 We believe that character development is a legitimate concern of education.

EZRA 7:10; 1 CORINTHIANS 4:15-16; MATTHEW 28:19-20 We believe that staff and faculty are more than teachers. They are role models and, as such, must display Christian character and commitment before the student.

2 TIMOTHY 3:16; TITUS 2:1 We believe that doctrine is the foundation for all our endeavors.


Calendar of Events


WINTER BREAK December 13 – January 6 MISSIONS CONFERENCE January 16 – 18 SPRING SEMESTER January 28 – May 22 SPRING BREAK March 9 – 23 FOUNDER’S BIBLE CONFERENCE April 3 – 5 SUMMER BREAK May 22 – June 9 SUMMER MINISTRY June 9 – August 14 GRADUATION August 15


Missions Conference At the end of the fall semester, several days are devoted to a special missions emphasis. Student committees assist in the planning and implementation of all the activities under the direction of the Bible Institute and International Ministries staff of Word of Life. Keynote speakers and seminars, as well as personal interaction with the missionaries themselves, provide valuable insight and motivation. These few days provide indispensable information for students considering missions and very often dramatically change the direction of a student’s life. Founder’s Bible Conference Soon after the students return from Spring Break, we hold our annual Word of Life Founder’s Bible Conference. Gifted speakers from around the world come and minister to the spiritual needs of the entire Word of Life family including the students and staff. Conference topics have included: Biblical Prophecy, Sufficiency of Scripture, The Supremacy of Soul Winning, Ministry of the Master, and The Family, to name a few. We consider these conferences (Missions Conference and Founder’s Conference) an integral part of the Bible Institute curriculum and expect all students to be in attendance. Students are required to make up any part or all of the conference he or she might have missed.


Graduation Graduation Weekend is a special time for your student.The weekend begins with a graduation dinner, Friday evening, August 14, 2020 and concludes with graduation at 10:00 AM on Saturday morning, August 15, 2020. Students may leave after the Graduation ceremony. We would encourage you to come and spend the last week of camp at the Word of Life Lodge or The Pines. It’s a great place for a summer vacation. Reservations and information can be obtained from Customer Service. Be sure to register early. The toll free number is 1.800.965.7177. Financial obligations must be met prior to Graduation. No Transcripts, Certificates or Diplomas will be given if there is an outstanding account. Ministry Practicum Students are required to have an active, full-time ministry during the summer season. This takes place at Word of Life and is under the umbrella of the Summer Institute of Camping (SIC). Only a limited number of “outside” ministries (not Word of Life) are approved each year, and certain guidelines must be adhered to before consideration of approval. Contact the Ministries Department for more information. Because the Summer Institute of Camping program is such an integral part of the Bible Institute training, an “outside ministry” will be considered only if, in our evaluation, it will help accomplish the goal of the Ministries Department, namely developing the student’s counseling and relational skills. We will also be looking to see if the ministry experience would be similar to the type of involvement a student would receive at Word of Life Camps. The summer program is considered a vital part of the year. It is the application of the concepts and knowledge that the student has learned in the classroom. The self-discipline instilled during the year comes to maturity as the student accepts the responsibilities and challenges of discipling other people. All requests for an “outside ministry” must be submitted to the Ministry Department by December 6, 2019. Students beginning in January have until February 7, 2020 to submit their application request. “Outside ministries” will not be considered after these dates. Students who do not have an approved ministry practicum will not receive a Diploma or Certificate of Attendance, although their transcripts will show coursework taken and grades received. They will be asked to sign a contract stipulating their terms of service. Many colleges that our students transfer to have worked with us regarding dates they need to report. All questions and permissions should be directed to the Camp Director during the summer. The Bible Institute staff acts only in an advisory capacity during the summer program. Final approval comes from the individual Camp Directors.



Mailing Information Students will receive their mail at the Bible Institute mailroom. They will be assigned a box number which should appear on all letters and packages. Parcels are best sent United Parcel Service (UPS), which is delivered daily. The address is: STUDENT’S NAME 4200 GLENDALE RD. PMB #1234 (PMB = Private Mailbox, 1234 = student’s campus box number) POTTERSVILLE, NY 12860 During the summer students are assigned to different locations; therefore, mailbox numbers should NOT be used. Please use the Camp name where they will be (i.e. Word of Life Island, Word of Life Ranch, etc). Communication with Parents We encourage students to maintain regular communication with their parents. Under certain conditions, the Student Life Department may ask students to contact their parents. If a student faces a serious discipline situation, the ideal form of communication is when students assume responsibility for themselves as adults by contacting their parents regarding their own personal circumstances whether they are related to academics, health, or discipline. Family Emergencies and Deaths In the event of a death or family emergency, please contact the Dean of Men or Dean of Women (contact information in the Staff Directory, p.18). They will arrange to notify the student involved and have them make the appropriate phone calls from the privacy of their homes or offices. It has been our experience that this is easier on the student rather than receiving the news via a phone call in the dorm. Please note that some of these are the private home numbers of our deans, so limiting your calls to emergencies only will be appreciated. During office hours they can be reached at the Bible Institute office.



Grades Students completing the first year will receive a Bible Certificate provided they have achieved a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00. Those finishing with less than a 2.00 average will receive a Certificate of Attendance provided all other requirements are met. Students completing the second year will receive a Diploma, provided they have achieved a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00. No Certificates of Attendance are given to sophomore students, although any coursework on the transcript that is a “C” or above can be transferred to another college. Grades are uploaded to the student’s online account as assignments are completed. Parents may access these grades with their student’s permission by asking the student for their login and password. A student is placed on Academic Probation if his/her grades fall below a 2.00 average. If they continue to remain low, he/she may be placed on Academic Discipline. Both of these programs are designed to provide protected study time and help for the student. The student will also be encouraged to attend a supervised study intensive which is held twice a week to help prepare students for upcoming quizzes/exams. In addition to study intensive, we offer our students the possibility of peer tutoring. Students who struggle academically should take advantage of this service. Students who achieve a 3.00 average in a given semester will be placed on the Dean’s List, and students with a 3.50-4.00 will be placed on the Dean’s Honor List. Both groups are given special privileges with regards to study hours.




93 – 100 4.00 90 – 92 3.70 87 – 89 3.30 83 – 86 3.00

73 – 76 2.00

A- B+

C- 70 – 72 1.70 D+ 67 – 69 1.30 D 63 – 66 1.00 D- 60 – 62 0.70 F 00 – 59 0.00


B- 80 – 82 2.70 C+ 77 – 79 2.50


Freshman Curriculum



BIBL1011 THEO1011 BIBL1321 EVAN1011 BIBL1021 ENGL1011 PRTH1010

Old Testament Survey Systematic Theology I Romans and Galatians

3 3 2 2 3 3 0

Evangelism and Discipleship Old Testament Exposition I

Research and Writing Christian Disciplines I




BIBL1331 THEO1021 BIBL1311 BIBL1601 BIBL2301 BIBL1031 PRTH1020

3 3 3 2 3 2 0

Systematic Theology II

Gospel and Acts Hermeneutics I

New Testament Exposition I

Daniel and Revelation Christian Disciplines II



SUMMER SEMESTER Ministry Practicum I



Note: Course offerings may vary at teaching sites.


Sophomore Curriculum



SOCI2011 HIST2011 COMM2011 CHMN2011 BIBL2011 HIST2012 PRTH2010

Apologetics and Worldview

3 3 3 2 2 3 0

Historical Theology

Public Speaking and Preaching Ministry of the Local Church Old Testament Exposition II

World Religions

Christian Disciplines III



SECOND SEMESTER (SPRING) Cross-Cultural Studies

SOCI2021 THEO2011 BIBL2601 BIBL2301 YMIN2211 CHMN2021 PSYC2011 PRTH2020

3 2 2 2 2 2 2 0

Dispensationalism Hermeneutics II

New Testament Exposition II Philosophy of Youth Ministry Principles of Leadership Marriage, Family & The Home

Christian Disciplines IV



SUMMER SEMESTER Ministry Practicum II



*1 hour is equivalent to 15 classroom hours of 50 minutes each.


Health Center The Health and Safety of your student is the highest priority at the Word of Life Bible Institute. We have a medically trained staff on call in case of emergency. For non-emergency medicine, Upstate Concierge Medicine provides telemedicine access for routine illness and injuries. This service provides fast and easy health care access 24/7/365. All students are autimatically enrolled as members in this program while they are enrolled at the Bible Institute. With this program, students have access to a physician by phone, with secure messaging and/or video chat. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information. There are clinics located in Schroon Lake, 9 miles north of the Bible Institute, and Chestertown, located 5 miles south. The Glens Falls Hospital is the nearest hospital, located 35 miles south of Pottersville. If a student is admitted, the hospital staff will call the parents with full information. ALL students are required to purchase accident insurance. This is a mandatory policy regardless of any other coverage you may have and is included as part of the semester fee. Please remember that our school insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. Permissions Students under 18 years of age must have on file a “Parental Permission Slip” signed by their parents or guardians. These cover a variety of items and are kept in the Student Life Department to assist them as they work with each student. Special Permissions are normally limited unless the student will not miss important parts of the Bible Institute program. Whenever possible, please plan to have all dental and medical work done during vacation periods. Students will be allowed special permission to attend weddings if they are in the wedding or if it is an immediate family member. In such cases, they are typically permitted to leave on Thursday after class and to return Monday by 5:00 PM. This would be during the regular school year. During the summer, arrangements should be made with the Camp Director. Vacation periods are listed in the school calendar. Students are usually not given permission to leave early or to return late and are expected to make travel arrangements which will enable them to arrive on time. If it is more convenient for the student to arrive a day earlier, they will be allowed to do so once they have contacted the Dean of Men/Women’s office.


Transportation The Bible Institute will provide limited transportation to and from the Albany International Airport, the Albany-Rensselaer train station, and the Albany bus station at the beginning and end of each school break. There is a fee of $25 per person (each way) on these dates to cover Word of Life’s transportation expenses.

DEPARTURES Tuesday, November 26 AFTER 1PM by car, and 4PM by plane, train, or bus. (classes occur until 1PM) Friday, December 13 AFTER 9AM by car, and after Noon by plane, train, or bus. (Test is from 8-9) Monday, March 9 AFTER 10AM by car, and after Noon by plane, train, or bus. (Test is from 8-9) Friday, May 22 AFTER 10AM by car, and after Noon by plane, train, or bus. (Test is from 8-9) Saturday, August 15


ARRIVALS Monday, December 2 Wednesday, January 6 Monday, March 23 Tuesday, June 9

All transportation requests must be submitted to the Bible Institute Transportation Department at at least one week in advance of the date of departure. After the one-week deadline, the fee is doubled. All arrivals and departures should be arranged considering the following: 1. Pick ups from Albany are at 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 8:00 PM the day students are required to return, with 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM pickups the day before the required return.* 2. All departures to Albany will leave the Bible Institute at 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 8:00 PM on the scheduled day and another at 5:00 AM the following day.* 3. Students must wait for Word of Life transportation at the terminals. If they prefer a different time than what is offered, the student is responsible to find other modes of transportation. 4. For more specific details on departures and arrivals, please refer to the current transportation request form at . *Departure and arrival times are subject to change based on the student academic schedule.


Finances Cost for students enrolled in the first-year program and living on campus is $17,780 (NY & FL). This amount will be split into two charges of $8,890... one for the fall semester and one for the spring semester. Second-year cost is $17,460 with two charges of $8,730. Cost includes room/board, tuition, fees and mandatory accident insurance coverage. Additional costs may include any of the following: textbooks not in e-class 1st year, music lessons, choir outfits, electives, sports uniforms, mailbox key deposit, etc. Book costs for the second-year students will be approximately $300 for the full year. Personal Finances Out-of-state checks are difficult to cash in this area, particularly if they are for large amounts. The Bookstore on campus will cash small checks up to $30.00 as funds are available. These checks must be made payable to the student or to “Cash.” There are two ATMs located on campus. The Word of Life Bookstore does not carry charge accounts. Only cash, check or credit card transactions are acceptable. Financial Aid Financial Aid can be discussed by contacting the Financial Aid office. We are approved for PELL Grants and student loans (Direct & PLUS). Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress. Statements are sent to the students monthly, or, at the student’s request, the statements can be mailed directly to the parent(s). All accounts should be current prior to entering the next academic semester.



If a student withdraws or is dismissed from the school, refunds on tuition, room, board* and fees will be granted on the following basis:








*Refunds on board will be granted based on the actual number of weeks remaining in the semester after the sixth week. Any portion of a week in attendance is considered a full week. All refunds will be processed within 30 days and forwarded to the student’s permanent address, or, in the case of bank loans, to USDE.



Quiet Time Time is set aside in the Bible Institute schedule each day for students to have their own personal time with the Lord known as “Quiet Time.” It is our desire that the students will take this important habit with them after they finish their time at Word of Life. Dorm Devotions Several evenings a week, students meet together for a time of small group devotions before retiring. Students take turns preparing a small devotional to be shared with dormmates at the end of the day. Along with corporate prayer, this is often a great opportunity for building unity and fellowship as a dorm family. Chapels Chapel services are held on Sundays and various other weekdays. They provide unique challenges from the Word of God on various topics of concern. Speakers often include those from the many different departments of the Word of Life ministry as well as pastors, missionaries and Christian leaders from around the world. Prayer Groups Students select a prayer group that meets for the purpose of praying for the special needs of missionaries around the world. Prayer groups are also formed to pray for the specific needs of the students. Each prayer group usually meets at least once a week. Visiting missionaries and workers are often invited to join in and present special needs for the students to consider.




All the following extensions can be reached directly by dialing 518.494.xxxx .

If you are unable to find who or what department you are looking for, feel free to call us at 800.331.9673 or visit our website wordoflif .

Administration and Staff President

Dean of Students Josh Ely Extension 1480 Dean of Men Justin Cousins Extension 1420 Dean of Women Karen Smith Extension 1476 Registrar Kaitlin McClung Extension 1454 Student Accounts Administrator Abbianne Huizing Extension 1404

Roger Peace Extension 1532

Business Manager Christopher Tompkins Extension 1438

Executive Dean of Student and Guest Experiences

Eric Messer Extension 1541

Academic Dean Paul Weaver Extension 1447 Assistant to the academic dean Debbie Wallace Extension 1432 Dean of Ministries Jason Headlee Extension 6232

Safety And Security Coordinator Caleb White Extension 1519 Financial Aid Director Tim Hunt Extension 6375

Executive Dean Global Bible Institutes and

Professor Mark Strout Extension 1433


Center for Biblical Counseling Director

Music and Collegians Ryan Arnold Extension 1418 Financial Aid Assistance Allan Black Extension 1428 Grades and Make-Up Work Daniel Skau Extension 1478 Bible Institute Student Services Extension 1471 Transportation Anna Stursberg Extension 1502

Joe Schenke Extension 1437

Bible Institute Kitchen Daryl Jackson Extension 1507 Marketing Director John Yarosh Extension 6276 Director of Enrollment Brian Tanedo Extension 1504 Bible Institute Maintenance Peter LaBarr Extension 1474

Resident Faculty Dr. Tom Davis Distinguished Professor Mr. Joe Schenke Director of Biblical Counseling Associate Professor Mrs. Karen Smith Dean of Women Instructor

Mr. Mark Strout Executive Dean of Global Bible Institutes Professor

Dr. Paul Weaver Academic Dean Professor


Adjunct Faculty Dr. Todd Ahrend Founder, International Director The Traveling Team Dr. Cory Abney Lead Pastor Florence Baptist Church Dr. Daniel Anderson President Appalachian Bible College Mr. Brian Baker Regional Coordinator Word of Life Local Church Ministries Dr. John Barnett Founder, President Discover the Book Ministries Dr. Jim Bjornstad Professor of Philosophy (retired) Cedarville University Dr. Doug Bookman Professor of New Testament Shepherds Seminary Pastor John Bouquet Senior Pastor Bethel Baptist Church Dr. Stephen Bramer

Dr. Emir Caner President Truett-McConnell University Dr. Ken Cleaver Associate Professor of Theology Liberty University Dr. Christopher Cone President, Professor Calvary University Dr. Nicolas Ellen Professor College of Biblical Studies Dr. Richard Emmons Professor Emeritus Cairn University Mr. Chris Eppling Vice President of Student Services Truett McConnell University Dr. Gerald Franz Professor Davis College Dr. Chris Gnanakan Professor of Theological and Global Studies Liberty University Mr. David James Executive Director The Alliance for Biblical Integrity Pastor Jim Jeffery Equipping Pastor Chapel Pointe Mr. Chris Katulka Radio Host Friends of Israel

Department Chair, Professor Dallas Theological Seminary Dr. Wendell Calder Founder Local Church Evangelism Pastor Mike Calhoun Pastor of Ministry Training The Summit Church


Dr. Jeremy Kimble Assistant Professor of Theology Cedarville University Mr. Don Lough, Jr. Executive Director Word of Life Fellowship, Inc.

Dr. Ray Pritchard President Keep Believing Ministries Lt. Gen. Loren Reno VP of Academics Cedarville University Dr. Wayne Slusser Seminary Dean, Professor Baptist Bible Seminary Mr. Tom Simcox Northeastern States Director Friends of Israel Mr. Kris Stout Executive Vice President, International and Local Church Ministries Word of Life Fellowship, Inc. Cory Trowbridge Vice President of Student Devlopment Calvary University

Dr. Matt McAlack Professor of Divinity Cairn University

Dr. Terry Mortenson Lecturer, Researcher Answers in Genesis Pastor Phil Moser Teaching Pastor Fellowship Bible Church Dr. Larry Moyer President EvanTell Ministries Mr. John Oglesby Program Director of Bible and Theology Calvary University Reverend Randy Patten President TEAM Focus Ministries Dr. David Payne Pastor Spring Hill Bible Church Dr. Dwight Peterson Assistant Professor Clarks Summit University

Rhome van Dyck Founder, Director Sacra Script Dr. Matthew Vander Wiede

Associate Pastor Onward Church Dr. Thomas White President Cedarville University


Banks Glens Falls National Bank & Trust Co. Schroon Lake Branch | 518.532.7121 Chestertown Branch | 518.494.2691 Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union | 518.585.6725 TD Bank Warrensburg Branch | 518.623.2666

Buses Adirondack Trailways and Greyhound Bus Lines | 800.225.6815

Health Dr. J. Brett Ryan DDS Lake George | 518.668.5457 Health Centers

Chestertown | 518.494.2761 Schroon Lake | 518.532.7120 Hospital Glens Falls | 518.792.3151 Pharmacies Schroon Lake | 518.532.7575 Chestertown (Walgreens) | 518.494.3211

Lodging in the Area Word of Life Lodge Schroon Lake | 518.532.2211 For Other Lodging Options Visit |

Storage Facilities Extra Room Storage Chestertown | 518.494.2200 Self Storage Schroon Lake | 518.532.7933



WORDOFLIFE.EDU 800.331.9673

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