Ireland's Plumbing & Heating Magazine Issue 112 Mar-Apr


Heat pumps in action.

GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR HEAT PUMP INSTALLATION With no room for damage, both the installation of an anti-freeze valve and an automatic balancing TRV protect the end-user’s investment and the installers’ hard work. Given the installation costs of renewable technologies compared to standard gas or oil alternatives, the benefits of a relatively small outlay to protect this investment are clear. To make the optimisation and protection of a heat pump installation as easy as possible, Altecnic offers the highest quality Caleffi 108 anti-freeze valve, as well as the Dynamical® TRV. Both installers and end-users can get the most out of their heat pump installations by utilising these products. *Source: “What Are the Costs of Ground-Source & Air-Source Heat Pumps?” blogpost at

system receives the correct amount of energy independently, thus increasing the working life of the compressor within the heat pump. In addition, any hydronic circuit serving a secondary system must be balanced, meaning that they must be constructed in such a way as to guarantee the design flow rates of the thermal medium. Due to this, specific balancing devices are required depending on the varying system types and appliances used.

A TRV with this ability, in conjunction with thermostatic, electronic, or thermoelectric control, combines different functions in a single component. An automatic dynamic balancing TRV can balance the heating system automatically, ensuring each terminal receives the set flow rate. Even in the case of partial circuit closure, using the regulating valves, the flow rates in the open circuits remain constant at the set value – a vital feature when being installed on systems powered by heat pumps. By using this type of TRV, in combination with thermostatic control heads, the surrounding temperature can remain automatically constant, guaranteeing effective energy saving.


Automatic dynamic balancing and pressure-independent adjustment of the heating system are vital for the optimisation of a heat pump installation.

“To make the optimisation and protection of a heat pump installation as easy as possible, Altecnic offers the highest quality Caleffi 108 Anti-Freeze Valve, as well as the Dynamical® TRV.”

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